Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God: The Plantinga Project

ISBN : 9780190842222

Jerry Walls; Trent Dougherty
504 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Aug 2018
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Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God expands Alvin Plantinga's seminal article Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments. Each of Plantinga's original suggestions is developed here by a wide variety of accomplished scholars. This collection both presents ground-breaking research and lays the foundations for research projects for years to come.


List of Contributors
DT Jerry L. Walls and Trent Dougherty
I. Half a Dozen (or so) Ontological (or Metaphysical) Arguments
(A) The Argument from Intentionality (or Aboutness)
DT Lorraine Keller
(B) The Argument from Collections
DT Christopher Menzel
(C) The Argument from (Natural) Numbers
DT Tyron Goldshmidt
(D) The Argument from Counterfactuals
DT Alex Pruss
(E) The Argument from Physical Constants
DT Robin Collins
(F) The Naive Teleological Argument
DT C. Stephen Evans
(H) The Ontological Argument
DT Elizabeth Burns
(I) Why is there Anything at All?
DT Josh Rasmussen and Christopher Gregory Weaver
II. Half a Dozen Epistemological Arguments
(J) The Argument from Positive Epistemic Status
DT Justin Barrett
(K) The Argument from the Confluence of Proper Function and Reliability
DT Alex Arnold
(L) The Argument from Simplicity and (M) The Argument from Induction
DT Bradley Monton
(N) The Putnamian Argument (the Argument from the Rejection of Global Skepticism) [also, (O) The Argument from Reference and (K) The Argument from the Confluence of Proper Function and Reliability]
DT Evan Fales
(N) The Putnamian Argument, (O) The Argument from Reference, and (P) The Kripke-Wittgenstein Argument from Plus and Quus
DT Dan Bonevac
(Q) The General Argument from Intuition.
DT Rob Koons
III. Moral Arguments
(R) Moral Arguments (actually R1 to Rn)
DT David Baggett
(R*) The Argument from Evil
DT Hud Hudson
IV. Other Arguments
(S) The Argument from Colors and Flavors
DT Richard Swinburne
(T) The Argument from Love and (Y) The Argument from the Meaning of Life
DT Jerry Walls
(U) The Mozart Argument and (V) The Argument from Play and Enjoyment
DT Philip Tallon
(W) Arguments from Providence and from Miracles
DT Tim McGrew
(X) C.S. Lewis's Argument from Nostalgia
DT Todd Buras and Mike Cantrell
(Z) The Argument from (A) to (Y)
DT Ted Poston
V. Or so: Three More Arguments
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
DT William Lane Craig
The Argument from Possibility
DT Brian Leftow
The Argument from the Incompleteness of Nature
DT Bruce Gordon
Afterword - Trent Dougherty and Alvin Plantinga: An Interview on Faith and Reason
Appendix 1: Plantinga's Original Two Dozen or (So) Theistic Arguments

About the author: 

Jerry L. Walls is Scholar in Residence and Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University. He is the author or co-author of over fifteen books, including, most recently, God and Cosmos, with David Baggett (OUP, 2016).; Trent Dougherty is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University. He is the editor or co-editor of several books, including Evidentialism and Its Discontents and Skeptical Theism. He is the author of The Problem of Animal Pain.

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