Assessing Negative Response Bias in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations

ISBN : 9780190653163

Steven J. Rubenzer
264 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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Assessing Negative Response Bias in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations provides readers with a comprehensive guide to assessing whether a defendant has feigned mental impairment during a competency to stand trial evaluation, or simply did not put forth his/her best effort. This book reviews the literature on assessing feigning and negative response bias, with particular focus on issues, tests, and data relevant to CST evaluations, and examines proposed criteria and statistical methods of determining and classifying assessment results. It introduces readers to aspects of the vibrant neuropsychological response style literature, an area many forensic psychologists appear to have overlooked. Additionally, it offers recommendations for research and policy regarding the parameters of CST assessment.


1. Introduction - There May Be a Great Fraud
2. The Evaluation: Data Gathering and Strategy
3. CST Instruments and General Clinical Measures
4. Instruments for Assessing Feigned Psychopathology
5. Tests of Feigned or Exaggerated Cognitive Limitations
6. Measures of Feigned Incompetency
7. Means of Combining Data
8. Special Problems and Populations in Feigned Incompetency
9. Report Writing and Testimony
10. A Survey of CST Examiners
11. Research and Policy Issues
Appendix A - AUC Explained
Appendix B - Master Table of Test Diagnostic Stats

About the author: 

Steve Rubenzer, PhD, ABPP, received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Houston. He has worked in the field of forensic psychology since 1995, earned his board certification in forensic psychology in 2004 after completing work samples in competency and sanity assessment, and has authored multiple peer-reviewed papers on response style assessment in competency to stand trial and disability evaluations. He has performed approximately four thousand competency exams in Texas, New Hampshire, and Alabama, on cases ranging from trespassing to the highest profile capital murder.

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