Colonial Capitalism and the Dilemmas of Liberalism

ISBN : 9780190637293

Onur Ulas Ince
232 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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In Colonial Capitalism and the Dilemmas of Liberalism, Onar Ulas Ince combines an analysis of political economy with normative political theory to examine the formative impact of colonial economic relations on the historical development of liberal thought in Britain. Focusing on the centrality of liberal economic principles to Britain's self-image as a peaceful commercial society, Ince investigates some of the key historical moments in which these principles were thrown into question by the processes of forcible expropriation and exploitation that typified the British imperial economy as a whole.


Introduction: Liberalism and Empire in a New Key
1. Colonial Capitalism and the Dilemmas of Liberalism: Framing an Inquiry
2. In the Beginning, All the World Was America: John Locke's Global Theory of Property
3. Not A Partnership in Pepper, Coffee, Calico, or Tobacco: Edmund Burke and Imperial Commerce
4. Letters from Sydney: Edward G. Wakefield and the Problem of Colonial Labor
Conclusion: Bringing the Economy Back In

About the author: 

Onur Ulas Ince is a political theorist with research interests in the history of political thought, political economy, history of capitalism, and imperial studies. He mainly investigates how socioeconomic transformations constitutive of global capitalism have shaped and in turn have been shaped by various discourses of political economy since the early-modern period. His research has been published in The Journal of Politics, History of Political Thought, New Political Economy, The Review of Politics, Polity, and Rural Sociology. He received his PhD in Government from Cornell University.

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