The Politics of Police Reform: Society against the State in Post-Soviet Countries

ISBN : 9780190861490

Erica Marat
232 Pages
164 x 243 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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What does it take to reform a post-Soviet police force? This book explores the conditions in which a meaningful transformation of the police is likely to succeed and when it will fail. Based on the analysis of five post-Soviet countries that have officially embarked on police reform efforts, Erica Marat examines various pathways to transforming how the state relates to society through policing.


Chapter 1 - A Mirror Reflection of Society: Police in Post-Soviet Countries
Chapter 2 - Transformative Violence and Mobilization
Chapter 3 - Components of Police Reform: Transformative Violence and Pre-Existing Dissent Infrastructure in Urban Areas
Chapter 4 - Georgia: Refurbishment vs. Reform
Chapter 5 - Kyrgyzstan: Political Space Opens, Then Closes
Chapter 6 - Ukraine's Reformists and Their Rivals
Chapter 7 - Rural Violence and Reassertion of State Control in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan
Chapter 8 - Rural Violence and Expansion of Policing in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan
Chapter 9 - Comparative Perspective: Transformative Violence around the World
Chapter 10 - Conclusions: Transforming Post-Soviet Police

About the author: 

Erica Marat is an Associate Professor and Director of the Homeland Defense Fellowship Program at the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University. Her research areas include policing, law enforcement, state violence, and social movements in former Soviet states. She is the author of The Military and the State in Central Asia: From Red Army to Independence.

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