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Theory of Strategy

ISBN : 9780198800675

Colin S. Gray
176 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2018


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This book provides a short and accessible introduction to the theory of strategy, examines the general theory of strategy in accordance with 23 key Principles and explains its nature, functions, and intended consequences. Theory of Strategy makes the radical argument that the familiar structure of strategy's general theory (political ends, strategic ways, military means - and assumptions) holds as sound for security at all times and in all places, of human necessity. Strategy is ever-varying in its character, but not in its nature, which is unchanging.


1 Introduction
2 Argument
3 Theory (1) Politics and Strategy Principles 1-7
4 Theory (2) Chaos and Order: Principles 8-13
5 Theory (3) Understanding Complexity: Principles 14-19
6 Theory (4) Coherent Theory: Principles 20-23
7 Strategic History
8 Strategic Sense

About the author: 

Colin S. Gray is Professor Emeritus of Strategic Studies, University of Reading. He has published thirty books on strategic matters, including The Strategy Bridge (OUP, 2010), Perspectives on Strategy (OUP, 2013), Strategy and Defence Planning (OUP, 2014), and The Practice of Strategy (co-authored with John Andreas Olsen, OUP 2011).

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