The Fight Against Doubt: How to Bridge the Gap Between Scientists and the Public

ISBN : 9780190869229

Inmaculada de Melo-Martin; Kristen Intemann
248 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Aug 2018
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Dissent about widely accepted scientific claims can promote doubt about scientific evidence, intimidate scientists, stymie research, and lead the public and policymakers to oppose needed policies. To limit these problems, The Fight against Doubt calls for facilitating greater trust between scientists and laypersons and recognizing the limits of science in policymaking.


Chapter 1. Dissent and its Discontents
Chapter 2. The Important Roles of Dissent
Chapter 3. Bad Faith Dissent
Chapter 4. Failing to Play by the Rules
Chapter 5. Imposing Unfair Risks
Chapter 6. Dealing with Normatively Inappropriate Dissent
Chapter 7. The Relevance of Trust
Chapter 8. Scientific Practices and the Erosion of Trust
Chapter 9. Values in Science and the Erosion of Trust
Chapter 10. Where Disagreements can Lie: Attending to Values in Policy
Chapter 11: Lessons Learned and New Directions

About the author: 

Inmaculada de Melo-Martin is professor of Medical Ethics at Weill Cornell Medicine. She holds as PhD in Philosophy and an M.S. in Biology. Her research focuses on ethical and epistemological issues related to biomedical sciences and technologies. She has published extensively on those topics in both philosophy and science journals. She is the author of Rethinking Reprogenetics (OUP, 2017).; Kristen Intemann is an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of History & Philosophy at Montana State University. She specializes in philosophy of science, particularly on issues related to values in science, scientific objectivity, and diversity in scientific communities. She has published in a variety of philosophy and science journals including Philosophy of Science, The European Journal of Philosophy of Science, Synthese, EMBO Reports, and FASEB Journal.

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