Evaluative Perception

ISBN : 9780198786054

Anna Bergqvist; Robert Cowan
352 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
Mind Association Occasional Series
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Evaluation is ubiquitous. Indeed, it isn't an exaggeration to say that we assess actions, character, events, and objects as good, cruel, beautiful, etc., almost every day of our lives. Although evaluative judgment - for instance, judging that an institution is unjust - is usually regarded as the paradigm of evaluation, it has been thought by some philosophers that a distinctive and significant kind of evaluation is perceptual. For instance, we often use perceptual language in the context of aesthetic and ethical evaluation: the Botticelli looks incredible close-up, I could hear her demeaning tone. This volume brings together philosophers to investigate what we call evaluative perception. Questions considered include: Is there such a thing as evaluative perception? Does it play an important role in providing us with evaluative knowledge? Does the existence of evaluative perception tell us anything about the nature of value?


Anna Bergqvist and Robert Cowan: Introduction
1 Dustin Stokes: Rich Perceptual Content and Aesthetic Properties
2 Heather Logue: Can We Visually Experience Aesthetic Properties?
3 Robert Audi: Moral Perception Defended
4 Paul Noordhof: Evaluative Perception as Response Dependent Representation
5 Pekka Vayrynen: Doubts About Moral Perception
6 Mikael Pettersson: Seeing Depicted Space (Or Not?)
7 Anya Farennikova: Perception of Absence as Value-Driven Perception
8 Sarah McGrath: Moral Perception and Its Rivals
9 Jack C. Lyons: Perception and Intuition of Evaluative Properties
10 Michael Milona: On the Epistemological Significance of Value Perception
11 Robert Cowan: Epistemic Sentimentalism and Epistemic Reason-Responsiveness
12 Graham Oddie: Value Perception, Properties and the Primary Bearers of Value
13 Anna Bergqvist: Moral Perception, Thick Concepts and Perspectivalism
14 James Lenman: The Primacy of the Passions
15 Kathleen Stock: Sexual Objectification, Objectifying Images, and 'Mind-Insensitive Seeing-As'

About the author: 

Anna Bergqvist is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of the Values-Based Practice Theory Network at St Catherine's College University of Oxford. Her principal research interests are aesthetics and moral philosophy. She is co-editor of Philosophy and Museums (Cambridge University Press, 2016) and has also published on aesthetic and moral particularism, narrative, thick evaluative concepts and selected issues in philosophy of language and mind.; Robert Cowan is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. His research is focused on ethics, epistemology and the philosophy of mind. In particular he is interested in the nature and epistemology of intuition, perception, and emotion, as well as the connections between these and accounts of ethical knowledge.

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