The Metaphysics of Truth

ISBN : 9780198758693

Douglas Edwards
224 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
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What is truth? What role does truth play in the connections between language and the world? What is the relationship between truth and being? The Metaphysics of Truth tackles these fundamental philosophical questions and develops a distinctive metaphysical worldview. In particular, Douglas Edwards makes the case for the idea that, in some domains, such as physics and chemistry, language responds to the world, whereas in others, such as the social and institutional domains, language generates the world. He shows how truth plays a key role in this story, and how what is true relates to what exists. He also responds to some influential trends that suggest that there is no point to investigating the nature of truth, and shows how studying the nature of truth remains a topic of paramount importance in contemporary philosophy.


1 Truth as a Property
2 Substantivity and Sparseness
3 Deflationism Revealed
4 Language-World Connections
5 Truth Re-Emerges
6 From Truth to Being
7 Models of Truth
8 Models of Being
9 Primitivism and Truth-Making
10 Truth-Making and the Nature of Truth
Concluding Remarks

About the author: 

Douglas Edwards works primarily on issues in metaphysics and the philosophy of language. He has published numerous articles in leading philosophy journals, including Analysis, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, The Journal of Philosophy, and Synthese. He is the author of Properties (Polity Press, 2014), and the editor of Truth: A Contemporary Reader (Bloomsbury Press, 2018). After receiving his PhD from the University of St Andrews he held positions at University College Dublin and the University of Aberdeen, and currently works at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

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