Technology and the Virtues: A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting

ISBN : 9780190905286

Shannon Vallor
328 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
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New technologies from artificial intelligence to drones, and biomedical enhancement make the future of the human family increasingly hard to predict and protect. This book explores how the philosophical tradition of virtue ethics can help us to cultivate the moral wisdom we need to live wisely and well with emerging technologies.


Introduction: Envisioning the Good Life in the 21st Century and Beyond
Part I: Foundations for a Technomoral Virtue Ethic
Chapter One: Virtue Ethics, Technology and Human Flourishing
Chapter Two: The Case for a Global Technomoral Virtue Ethic
Part II: Cultivating the Technomoral Self: Classical Virtue Traditions as a Contemporary Guide
Chapter Three: The Practice of Moral Self-Cultivation in Classical Virtue Traditions
Chapter Four: Cultivating the Foundations of Technomoral Virtue
Chapter Five: Completing the Circle with Technomoral Wisdom
Chapter Six: Technomoral Wisdom for an Uncertain Future: 21st Century Virtues
Part III: Meeting the Future with Technomoral Wisdom, Or How to Live Well with Emerging Technologies
Chapter Seven: New Social Media and the Technomoral Virtues
Chapter Eight: Surveillance and the Examined Life: Cultivating the Technomoral Self in a Panoptic World
Chapter Nine: Robots at War and at Home: Preserving the Technomoral Virtues of Care and Courage
Chapter Ten: Knowing What to Wish For: Technomoral Wisdom and Human Enhancement Technology

About the author: 

Shannon Vallor is the William J. Rewak, S.J. Professor in Philosophy at Santa Clara University, with a research and teaching focus on the philosophy of science and technology. She is President of the international Society for Philosophy and Technology, and recipient of the 2015 World Technology Award in Ethics from the World Technology Network. Her current research examines the impact of emerging technologies on human moral character and virtues.

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