Aesthetics on the Edge: Where Philosophy Meets the Human Sciences

ISBN : 9780198796657

Dominic McIver Lopes
256 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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In these eleven essays Dominic McIver Lopes proposes a methodology especially suited to aesthetics, where problems in philosophy are addressed principally by examining how aesthetic phenomena are understood in the human sciences. Since the human sciences include much of the humanities as well as the social, behavioural, and brain sciences, the methodology promises to integrate arts research across the academy. Aesthetics on the Edge opens with a four essays outlining the methodology and its potential. The following essays put the methodology to work, shedding light on the perceptual and social-pragmatic capacities that are implicated in responding to works of art, especially images, but also music, literature, and conceptual art.


Part I: Methods
1 Aesthetics in Three Dimensions
2 Feckless Reason
3 Shikinen Sengu: The Ontology of Architecture in Japan
4 with Vincent Bergeron: Aesthetic Theory and Aesthetic Science: Prospects for Integration
Part II: Modes
5 Art Media and the Sense Modalities: Tactile Pictures
6 Vision, Touch, and the Value of Pictures
7 with Vincent Bergeron: Hearing and Seeing Musical Expression
8 In the Eye of the Beholder
Part III: Means
9 Directive Pictures
10 Drawing in a Social Science: Lithic Illustration
11 An Empathic Eye

About the author: 

Dominic McIver Lopes is Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia and author of five books and a series of papers that examine the meaning and values of images, technology in the arts, and the nature of art and the arts. His forthcoming book, Being for Beauty: Aesthetic Agency and Value, looks beyond the arts to understanding the human importance of our aesthetic practices.

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