Research Methods in Nursing and Midwifery: Pathways to Evidence-Based: Practice (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780195528510

Sansnee Jirojwong; Maree Johnson; Anthony Welch
450 Pages
211 x 277 mm
Pub date
Dec 2014
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Research Methods in Nursing and Midwifery: Pathways to Evidence-based practice introduces nursing and midwifery students to the basic principles of research methods. This second edition begins with an introduction to the importance of research and how it relates to evidence-based practice. Students are then introduced to qualitative, quantitative and mixed research design methods, sampling techniques, data collection methods and analysis procedures. This user-friendly text is rich with learning support for nursing and midwifery students, including easy-to-read flowcharts, practical examples and tips, practice exercises and additional resources to expand their knowledge of the research process and methodology. Research Methods in Nursing and Midwifery helps students to think critically, develop problem-solving skills and learn to apply research to the practical aspects of nursing.


Part 1: Getting Started in Research
1. The Importance of Research in Nursing and Midwifery
2. Evidence-based Practice for Nurses and Midwives
3. Introducing the Research Process
4. Ethical and Legal Considerations in Research
Part 2: Qualitative Research Methods
5. Sampling in Qualitative Research
6. Qualitative Research Design
7. Data Collection: Qualitative Research
8. Qualitative Data Analysis
Part 3: Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research
9. Sampling in Quantitative Research
10. Quantitative Research Design
11. Data Collection: Quantitative Research
12. Quantitative Data Analysis
13. Mixed Methods Research
Part 4: Pathways to Evidence-based Practice
14. Critical Review of Research
15. Undertaking a Systematic Review
16. Disseminating Research

About the author: 

Sansnee Jirojwong has previously taught nursing and midwifery students at Australian universities including the University of Western Sydney and currently assists junior researchers with projects in her native Thailand.; Maree Johnson is the Director of the Centre for Applied Nursing Research, University of Western Sydney and the South Western Sydney Local Health District.; Anthony Welch is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Central Queensland University.

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