Cicely Saunders: A Life and Legacy

ISBN : 9780190637934

David Clark
336 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
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When Cicely Saunders opened the world's first modern hospice in 1967 a quiet revolution got underway. Education, research, and clinical practice were combined in a model of 'total care' for terminally ill patients and their families that quickly had a massive impact. In Cicely Saunders: A Life and Legacy, David Clark draws on interviews, correspondence, and the publications of Cicely Saunders to tell the remarkable story of how she pursued her goals through the complexity of her personal life, the skepticism of others, and the pervasive influence of her religious faith. When she died in 2005, her legacy was firmly established in the growing field of hospice and palliative care, which had now gained global recognition.


Prologue - whys and wherefores
1. The Saunders' of Hadley Hurst (1918-38)
DT Beginnings
DT Schooldays
DT Philip Gordon Saunders
DT Mary Christian Knight
DT Life with the Saunders
DT Emerging to womanhood
2. Social science, nursing, social work (1938 - 1951)
DT The first Oxford interlude
DT Nurse training in war time
DT Second Oxford interlude
DT The evangelical almoner
DT David Tasma
DT Aftermath
3. Becoming a doctor (1951 - 1957)
DT The influence of Norman Barrett
DT Sancte et Sapienter
DT Patients and their worlds
DT Evangelical circles
DT Drawing together her experience
DT Practical applications
4. Learning the craft and crafting the vision (1957 - 1967)
DT A decade of change
DT At St Joseph's
DT 1960-1 - Antoni Michniewicz, Mrs G., Gordon Saunders
DT Total pain
DT Clinical studies
DT Marian Bohusz-Szyszko
DT Writing, writing, writing
DT Religious considerations and the ambition for St Christopher's
DT Making it happen
DT Growing networks
DT The hospice opens its doors
5. The expansive years of hospice in the world (1967 - 1985)
DT The hospice movement
DT St Christopher's gets going
DT Friends, family and marriage
DT Clinical themes and issues
DT The maturing of ideas
DT A global influence
6. 'An exacting joy': reflection, illness, loss and death (1985 - 2005)
DT Good times and bad
DT With Marian
DT The developing field
DT Last years at the hospice
DT Personal rewards
DT Radio, television, interviews
DT Photographs, portraits and sculptures
DT Revisiting the past: David, Antoni and Marian
DT Belief and the 'cantus firmus'
DT Illness and death
Epilogue - making sense of Cicely Saunders

About the author: 

Professor David Clark is the Wellcome Trust Investigator at the University of Glasgow, School of Interdisciplinary Studies in Dumfries, Scotland.

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