A Practical Guide to Using Qualitative Research with Randomized Controlled Trials

ISBN : 9780198802082

Alicia O'Cathain
224 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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When global policy makers and service providers introduce new interventions, we expect the products to be evaluated by academic researchers. The gold standard for measuring the effectiveness of an intervention is the randomised controlled trial (RCT). The participants in a RCT are randomly allocated to receive either the new intervention or a placebo. Historically, RCTs have been conducted to estimate the effectiveness of drugs. Today the trials have become an invaluable research method used across multiple disciplines. Currently, academics are introducing qualitative research with RCTs. The methodology of qualitative research is in many ways the opposite of a RCT, as it emphasises subjectivity rather than objectivity, and flexibility over standardisation. A Practical Guide to using Qualitative Research with Randomized Controlled Trials is a 'how-to' manual on combining these contrasting methodologies to get the best result. Guiding the reader through the use of qualitative rese


1: Introducing qualitative research with RCTs: overview of rationales, study designs and paradigms
1 Rationales for using qualitative research with randomised controlled trials
2 Frameworks, study designs and guidance
3 How qualitative research can contribute to generating evidence of effectiveness
4 Using qualitative research with different types of RCTs
5 Paradigms
6 Theories underpinning the intervention
2: Practical guidance for using qualitative research with RCTs
7 Writing a proposal
8 Selecting research questions
9 Collecting data
10 Analysing the qualitative data
11 Integrating qualitative and quantitative data and findings
12 Publishing journal articles
13 Assessing the quality of qualitative research undertaken with RCTs
3: Engaging relevant stakeholders
14 Team working
15 Engaging with key stakeholders
16 Having an impact on health, health care and health policy

About the author: 

Alicia O'Cathain (BSc, MSc, MA, PhD) is Professor of Health Services Research at the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield, UK. She has written extensively about mixed methods research in health and more recently on how to combine qualitative research with randomised controlled trials. She evaluates health services, particularly related to emergency and urgent care, and develops and evaluates interventions for chronic health problems.

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