The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Development

ISBN : 9780198757269

Jose M. Perez-Pomares; Robert Kelly
384 Pages
219 x 276 mm
Pub date
Jul 2018
The European Society of Cardiology
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This highly illustrated textbook has been prepared by the Working Group on Development, Anatomy and Pathology of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The textbook is the authority on cardiovascular development from a perspective of both basic scientists and clinicians.


1 Cristina Basso, Deborah Henderson, Jose Luis de la Pompa, Robert G. Kelly, Jose Maria Perez-Pomares, David Sedmera, & Maurice van den Hoff: Relevance of developmental studies for clinicians
Section 1: Origin, distribution and determination of cardiovascular cell progenitors
2 A.F. Moorman, Bjarke Jensen, & R.J. Oostra: An evolutionary perspective on the origin of the cardiovascular system of vertebrates
3 Carmen Lopez-Sanchez, Virginio Garcia-Lopez, Gary C. Schoenwolf, & Virginio Garcia-Martinez: From epiblast to mesoderm: elaboration of a fate map for cardiovascular progenitors
4 Christopher De Bono & Robert G. Kelly: Cardiac Fields and myocardial cell lineages
5 LeShana SaintJean & H.S. Baldwin: Origin and diversity of embryonic endothelium/endocardium
6 F. Gabriella Fulcoli and Antonio Baldini: Transcriptional regulation of early cardiovascular development
Section 2: Molecular regulation of cardiac tissue differentiation and patterning
7 Mayyasa Rammah, Francesca Rochais, & Robert G. Kelly: Incorporation of myocardial progenitors to the arterial pole of the heart
8 Bram van Wijk, Phil Barnett & Maurice J B van den Hoff: The Developmental Origin of Myocardium at the Venous Pole of the Heart
9 Sigolene M. Meilhac: Cardiac growth (I): Cardiomyocyte proliferation
10 Stephane Zaffran: Cardiac growth (I): Cardiomyocyte polarisation
11 Gaetano D'Amato, Guillermo Luxan & Jose Luis de la Pompa: Defining cardiac domains from the inside: NOTCH in endocardial-myocardial interactions
12 Adrian Ruiz-Villalba, Nikolaos Frangogiannis, & Jose Maria Perez-Pomares: Origin and diversity of cardiac fibroblasts: developmental substrates of adult cardiac fibrosis
Section 3: Morphogenesis of cardiovascular structures. On form and function
13 David Sedmera & Robert P. Thompson: Building the cardiovascular system: the acquisition of a functional form
14 Marina Campione, Amelia Aranega & Diego Franco: Cardiac looping and laterality
15 Lucile Miquerol: Origin and development of the cardiac conduction system
16 Rui Benedito and Arndt Friedrich Siekmann: Blood vessel differentiation and growth
17 D MacGrogan, Jose Maria Perez-Pomares, Bill Chaudhry, Jose-Luis de la Pompa and Deborah Henderson: From cushions to leaflets: Morphogenesis of cardiac atrioventricular valves
18 Deborah J. Henderson, Bill Chaudhry, and Jose Luis de la Pompa: Development of the arterial valves
19 Laura A. Dyer & Margaret L. Kirby: The role of neural crest in cardiac development
20 Robert Dettman, Juan Antonio Guadix, Elena Cano, Rita Carmona, & Ramon Munoz-Chapuli: The multiple functions of the proepicardial/epicardial cell lineage in heart development
21 Robert J. Tomanek, Adriana A. Silva Pires Gomes, Jose Maria Perez-Pomares: The development of coronary vascularization
Section 4: Abnormal cardiac morphogenesis and the origin of congenital heart disease
22 Jamie Bentham: The genetics of congenital heart disease
23 Robert H. Anderson, Nigel A. Brown, Simon D. Bamforth, Bill Chaudhry, Deborah J. Henderson, and Timothy J. Mohun: Development of the Outflow Tract
24 S. Yen Ho and Matina Prapa: Arterial wall remodelling in congenital heart disease
25 Cristina Basso, Jose Maria Perez-Pomares, Gaetano Thiene, and Lucile Houyel: Coronary anomalies
26 Mary Sheppard: Myocardial non-compaction
27 Alex V. Postma, David Sedmera, Frantisek Vostarek, Vincent M. Christoffels, and Connie R. Bezzina: Developmental Aspects of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Frontiers in cardiovascular development
28 Mauro Giacca and Borja Ibanez: Advanced therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases. Controversies and perspectives
29 Bill Chaudhry, Jose Luis de la Pompa, and Nadia Mercade: The zebrafish as a model for cardiac development and regenerationPerivascular adipose tissue and metabolic syndrome
30 Daniela Salvatori, Harsha.D. Devalla and Robert Passier: Cells to repair the infarcted myocardium
31 Yolan J. Reckman and Yigal M. Pinto: The role of non-coding RNA/micro RNAs in cardiac disease
32 Jin Yang, Pei Han, Wei Li, and Ching-Pin Chang: Egigenetics and post-transcriptional regulation of cardiovascular development
33 Marcel Grunert, Andreas Perrot, and Silke Rickert-Sperling: Complex network interactions: cardiovascular system biology

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Robert Kelly

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