A Cosmopolitan Legal Order: Kant, Constitutional Justice, and the European Convention on Human Rights

ISBN : 9780198825340

Alec Stone Sweet; Clare Ryan
304 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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An introduction to Immanuel Kant's constitutional theory, and to the European system of rights protection, this book explains how European Court of Human Rights has become the most active and important rights-protecting court in the world through its manifestation as a Kantian cosmopolitan legal order.


Introduction and Overview
Part I: Kantian Imperatives
1 Perpetual Peace and the Cosmopolitan Constitution
2 A Kantian System of Constitutional Justice
3 Transnational Justice and Constitutional Pluralism
Part II: The European Convention on Human Rights
4 Beyond Individual Justice
5 Beyond Rights Minimalism
6 Beyond Borders

About the author: 

Alec Stone Sweet is Saw Swee Hock Centennial Professor of Law, National University of Singapore, and Senior Research Fellow, the Yale Law School. He is the author of The Birth of Judicial Politics in France, Governing with Judges: Constitutional Politics in Europe, On Law, Politics, and Judicialization, The Judicial Construction of Europe, The Evolution of International Arbitration: Judicialization, Governance, Legitimacy, and the co-editor of European Integration and Supranational Governance, The Institutionalization of Europe, and A Europe of Rights: The Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on National Legal Systems, all published by Oxford University Press.; Clare Ryan is a Ph.D. in Law candidate at Yale. Her research interests include family law, comparative law, and European legal institutions. She was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Macalester College and clerked for the Hon. M. Margaret McKeown of the Ninth Circuit and served as a Robina Human Rights Fellow at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, where she clerked for the Hon. Andras Sajo of Hungary.

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