The Federalization of Corporate Governance

ISBN : 9780199934546

Marc I. Steinberg
336 Pages
163 x 237 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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This book focuses on the federalization of corporate governance in the United States from both historical and contemporary perspectives. At the outset, it is clear that state corporate law remains vital with respect to the propriety of substantive fiduciary conduct as well as setting forth the relations among and between the corporation, its fiduciaries, its shareholders, and its other stakeholders. Accordingly, the ensuing chapters focus on key aspects of state corporate law to illustrate the continued importance of state company law impacting corporate governance.


About the Author
1. An Evolutionary Process - The Federalization of Corporate Governance
2. Twentieth Century Legislative Proposals - Federal Incorporation and Related Efforts
3. The SEC's Impact on the Federalization of Corporate Governance - A Traditional Perspective
4. The SEC's Shareholder Proposal Rule and Related Developments
5. The SOX and Dodd-Frank Acts - Modern Federal Corporate Governance Initiatives
6. The Impact of Stock Exchange Rules on the Federalization of Corporate Governance
7. Unresolved Business: Federal Corporate Governance Enhancements
8. Future Federalization of Corporate Governance

About the author: 

Marc I. Steinberg is the Rupert and Lillian Radford Professor of Law at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dedman School of Law. He has served as a Professor or Fellow at several other outstanding universities, including the University of Cambridge, University of London, Heidelberg University, Stockholm University, Bar Ilan University, University of Sydney, University of Hong Kong, and University of Pennsylvania. Professor Steinberg was an attorney for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the SEC's Enforcement Division and its Office of General Counsel. He also has been retained as an expert witness in several high profile cases. Professor Steinberg has authored more than 150 law review articles as well as 36 books. He is editor-in-chief of The International Lawyer and The Securities Regulation Law Journal. Professor Steinberg is a member of the American Law Institute.

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