The Neurology of AIDS (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780195399349

Howard E. Gendelman; Igor Grant; Ian Paul Everall; Howard S. Fox; Harris A. Gelbard; Stuart A. Lipton; Susan Swindells
1160 Pages
222 x 286 mm
Pub date
Dec 2011
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Neurological complications of progressive HIV-1 infection remain a common cause of morbidity even during widespread use of antiretroviral therapy (ART). Long-term resistance to ART, drug compliance, untoward drug side effects, a myriad of opportunistic infection, depression and other psychiatric disease manifestations, concomitant drug abuse, neuropathies, and an inability to clear viral reservoirs, explain, in large measure, disease progression and immune deterioration. These are associated with a number of psychiatric, muscle, nerve, infectious, as well as cognitive, behavioral, and motor disturbances seen in infected people. Fully updated from the previous two editions and replete with color images, The Neurology of AIDS, Third Edition covers each of these neurological complications and more with a focus on molecular and viral disease processes, cellular factors influencing viral replication therapeutic challenges, and the changing epidemiological patterns of disease. From basic science to clinical care, to epidemiological disease patters, The Neurology of AIDS is the only complete textbook available on AIDS neurology and the only one comprehensive enough to stand alone in each segment of study in brain disorders affected by the human immunodeficiency virus. It is an indispensable resource for students, resident physicians, practicing physicians, and for researchers and experts in the HIV/AIDS field.


Section 1. HIV-1 Biology and Immunology
1.1. HIV-1 Biology, Michael Bukrinsky and Sergey Iordanskiy
1.2. HIV-1 Immunology, Sabita Roy, Subhash Dhawan, Shilpa Buch, and Krishnakumar Devadas
1.3 Chemokines, Richard J. Miller
1.4 Viral and host genetic factors, Christopher Power, Jennifer A. McCombe, Shaona Acharjee, and M. John Gill
1.5 Genetic Susceptibilities in neuroAIDS, Sunil K. Ahuja, Srinivas Mummidi, Jason F. Okulicz, Edwina J. Wright, and Weijing He
Section 2. Innate and Cellular Immunity and Neurogenesis
2.1. Mononuclear phagocytes, Kenneth C. Williams, William Hickey, Tricia H. Burdo, and Caroline Soulas
2.2. Microglia, Sunhee C. Lee
2.3. Astrocytes, Etty N. Benveniste, Lisa N. Akhtar, and Brandi J. Baker
2.4. Adaptive Immunity, Howard E. Gendelman, Jessica A.L. Hutter, Larisa Poluektova, and Subhash Dhawan
2.5. Vaccines, R. Lee Mosley, Max V. Kuenstling, and Eric J. Benner
2.6. Neurogenesis, Jialin C. Zheng, James B Reinecke, Hui Peng, Yunlong Huang, and Qiang Chen
Section 3. Blood brain barrier and HIV CNS Entry
3.1. Blood brain barrier: Structure and function, William A. Banks
3.2. Endothelial cell biology and HIV-1 infection, Michal Toborek, Ibolya E. Andras, Cetewayo S. Rashid, Yu Zhong, and Shinsuke Nakagawa
3.3. Blood-brain barrier during neuroinflammation, Yuri Persidsky and Servio H. Ramirez
3.4. Mechanisms of viral and cell entry into the CNS, Eliseo A. Eugenin and J.W. Berman
3.5. Monocyte-macrophages and viral CNS entry, Georgette D. Kanmogne
Section 4. Cellular and Viral Neurotoxicity and Abused Drugs
4.1. Mononuclear phagocyte inflammation and neurotoxicity, Howard E. Gendelman, Andrea Martinez-Skinner, Ari Nowacek, and JoEllyn McMillan
4.2. Neurotoxicity of HIV-1 proteins, Ruth Brack-Werner, Manja Meggendorfer, Ina Rothenaigner, Bianca Tigges, and Michelle Vincendea
4.3. HIV-1 and Tat, Avindra Nath, Wenxue Li, Guanhan Li, and Joseph Steiner
4.4. HIV-1 gp120, Stuart A. Lipton, Shu-ichi Okamoto, Marcus Kaul, Ian Paul Everall, and Eliezer Masliah
4.5. HIV-1 and cannabinoids, Guy A. Cabral and Erinn S. Raborn
4.6. HIV-1 and METH, Howard S. Fox
4.7. HIV-1 and Opioids, Toby K. Eisenstein, Jessica Breslow, Changcheng Song, Mathew J. Finley, William D. Cornwell, Sumedha Chugh, Joseph J. Meissler, and Thomas J. Rogers
4.8. HIV-1 and Cocaine, Shilpa J. Buch, Honghong Yao, and Sabita Roy
Section 5. Animal models
5.1. SIV, Janice E. Clements, M. Christine Zink, Joseph L. Mankowski, David R. Graham, and Lucio Gama
5.2. FIV, Rick B. Meeker
5.3. CAEV, Valgerdur Andresdottir, Sigurbjorg Torsteinsdottir, and Gudmundur Georgsson
5.4. Transgenics, Sulie L. Chang and Marley D. Kass
5.5. Immunodeficient mice, Larisa Poluektova
5.6. SIV and opiates, Shilpa J. Buch, Shannon Callen, Paul Cheney, and Anil Kumar
5.7. SIV and FIV and peripheral neuropathy, Joseph L. Mankowski, Victoria A. Laast, Gigi Ebenezer, and Justin C. McArthur
5.8. Animal models and bioimaging, R. Gilberto Gonzalez, Eva-Maria Ratai, and Margaret R. Lentz
Section 6. Personal Perspectives in Living with HIV/AIDS
6.1. Darren Kane
6.2. Eric Glare
6.3. James May
6.4. Karen
6.5. Susan Paxton
Section 7. Clinical and Pathologic Manifestations of Disease
7.1. Prospective on HIV CNS Infections, Richard W. Price
7.2. HAND, Igor Grant and Ned Sacktor
7.3. Early Manifestations of CNS Disease, Serena S. Spudich
7.4. HIV-1 Neuropathology, Benjamin B. Gelman and David J. Moore
7.5. Peripheral Neuropathy, David M. Simpson, Kathryn J. Elliott, and Justin McArthur
7.6. Spinal Cord Disease, Christina M. Marra
7.7. Myopathy, Susan Morgello, Jessica Robinson-Papp, Kenneth A. Fox, and David M. Simpson
7.8. Aging, Christian L. Achim and Virawudh Soontornniyomkij
7.9. Addiction, R. Douglas Bruce
Chapter 8. Pathogenesis of Co-Morbid Conditions
8.1. NeuroAIDS as an Inflammatory Disorder, Dennis L. Kolson, Denise R. Cooka, Stephanie A. Crossa, and Samantha S. Soldana
8.2. Neuronal Injury, White Matter Disease, and Neurotrophic Factors, Dianne Langford, Eliezer Masliah, and Ian Paul Everall
8.3. Pathobiology of HIV-related neuropathies, BJ Brew and NWS Davies
8.4. CNS Co-morbidities, Georgette D. Kanmogne and David B. Clifford
8.5. Opportunistic Infections, Joseph R. Berger and Bruce A. Cohen
8.6. PML, Eugene O. Major and Maria Chiara G. Monaco
8.7. Neoplasms, Alexis Demopoulos and Lauren Abrey
8.8. Hepatitis C, Wenzhe Ho and Li Ye
8.9. Psychiatric Co-Morbidities, Ian Paul Everall and Timothy B. Nguyen
Chapter 9. Diagnostics and Biomarkers
9.1. Brain Imaging, Linda Chang, Ute Feger, and Thomas Ernst, Ph.D.
9.2. MRI, Terry L. Jernigan, Sarah L. Archibald, and Christine Fennema-Notestine
9.3. Psychological Evaluations, Steven Paul Woods, Jordan Elizabeth Cattie, and Igor Grant
9.4. Viral and Cellular Biomarkers During Antiretroviral Therapy, Scott L. Letendre
9.5. Viral Dynamics, Ronald J. Ellis and Davey M. Smith
9.6. Viral Clades, Avindra Nath and Wenxue Li
9.7. Proteomics and Biomarkers, Pawel Ciborowski, Gwenael Pottiez, and Jayme Wiederin
Chapter 10. Children and Adolescents
10.1. Clinical and Pathological Features of HIV-1 Encephalopathy in Children and Adolescents, Mark Mintz, Leroy Sharer, and Lucy Civitello
10.2. Infants, Children and Adolescents Nervous System Disease in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy, Annelies Van Rie and Anna Dow
10.3. Psychosocial Aspects of Neurologic Impairment in Children with AIDS, Lori Wiener and Claude Mellins
10.4. Growing up with HIV Disease, Lynnae Schwartz, Leslie K. Serchuck, and Shirley F. Delair
Chapter 11. Antiretroviral and Adjunctive Therapies
11.1. Current Concepts in the Treatment of HIV Infection with Focus on Brain Disease, Susan Swindells and Uriel Sandkovsky
11.2. Pharmacology of Antiretroviral Therapies, J. Allen McCutchan, Scott Letendre, Ronald J. Ellis, Brookie Best, and Edmund Capparelli
11.3. Treatment of Opportunistic Infections Associated With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, David B. Clifford
11.4. Nanoformulated Medicines, Howard E. Gendelman, Upal Roy, Shantanu Balkundi, and JoEllyn McMillan
11.5. Antiretroviral nanotherapies, Madhavan P.N. Nair and Zainulabedin M. Saiyed
11.6. Adjunctive Medicines, Harris A. Gelbard and Stuart A. Lipton
Chapter 12. Psychiatry and Psychobiology
12.1. Psychiatric Disorders, J. Hampton Atkinson, Nichole A. Duarte, and Glenn Treisman
12.2. Neuropsychiatry of Substance Abuse, Eileen M. Martin-Thomas, Andy Levine, and Raul Gonzalez
12.3. Psychobiology of Risk Behavior, David G. Ostrow
12.4. Everyday Impact of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders, Thomas D. Marcotte, J. Cobb Scott, Charles H. Hinkin, and Robert K. Heaton
12.5. Facing Legal and Ethical Challenges in the Treatment of AIDS, Glenn J. Treisman and Warren B. Treisman
12.6. Neuropsychological Testing, Kevin R. Robertson, Kevin J. Liner, Michelle Ro, and Robert K. Heaton
12.7. The impact of HIV subtype, cultural, and sociodemographic factors on HIV-1 infection and associated neuropathogenesis in Africa, Adelina Holguin, Damien C. Tully, and Charles Wood

About the author: 

Howard E. Gendelman, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE. Igor Grant, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Director, HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program, University of California-San Diego, La Jolla, CA. Ian Paul Everall, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Department, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE. Harris A. Gelbard, MD, PhD, Director of The Center for Neural Development and Disease, Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY. Stuart A. Lipton, MD, PhD, Professor and Scientific Director, ; Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute; Adjunct Professor of Neurosciences, University of California-San Diego; Adjunct Professor, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA. Susan Swindells, MBBS, Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE.

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