Legal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal Property

ISBN : 9780197266380

Ting Xu; Alison Clarke
350 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Sep 2018
Proceedings of the British Academy
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Whilst historically communal property has had very different meanings and functions in the UK, China, and other regions of the world, parallel developments are emerging, and modern perceptions are converging even as each region faces its own unique challenges in the management of land and natural resources. These developments have raised an important question: What legal strategies are most likely to promote the development and protection of communal property? Answers to this question will not only guide domestic debates on resource governance and community development, but also provoke global discussions and help to formulate global guidelines to address pressing challenges. Contributions to Legal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal Property focus on legal strategies for the development and protection of communal property as it relates to land and other natural resources, considering how these strategies 'map' over different jurisdictions (England and Wale


Dr Ting Xu & Professor Alison Clarke: Introduction
1 Professor Christopher Rodgers: Commons Governance, Normative Pluralism and the Enduring Role of Custom
2 Dr Margherita Pieraccini: Taking Stock of Italian Commons: Un-common Grounds?
3 Professor Abraham Bell, Professor Gideon Parchomovsky, & Mr Benjamin Weitz: Property in the Kibbutz: Old and New
4 Dr Malcolm Combe: Community Rights in Scots Property Law
5 Dr Walters Nsoh: The Legal Status of Customary Land Tenure Systems and the Protection of Communal Property in Cameroon
6 Professor Juanita Pienaar: Customary Law and Communal Property in South Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
7 Dr Ting Xu & Dr Wei Gong: Understanding Collective Property in the Chinese Context through the Lens of Community
8 Dr Simone Abram: Ownership and Belonging in Urban Green Space
9 Professor Rosalind Malcolm & Professor Alison Clarke: Water: A Common Treasury

About the author: 

Dr. Ting Xu is a senior lecturer in law at the School of Law, Sheffield University. She is a graduate of Sun Yat-sen University (LLB) and the London School of Economics (LLM & PhD). She is the author of The Revival of Private Property and Its Limits in Post-Mao China (2014), lead-editor (with Jean Allain) of Property and Human Rights in a Global Context (2015), and the author of a number of articles in leading journals, mainly on aspects of the comparative law of property. She is the founder of the 'communal property research network'. ; Professor Alison Clarke is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Law at the University of Surrey. She is a property lawyer with a particular interest in the social, political and economic effects of different kinds of property rights regimes as they apply to land and other natural resources, and in comparative analysis of property principles. She has written on a variety of property related topics, including the relationship between communal and private property, indigenous land rights, diversification of property forms, custom and long use, and property rights in water.

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