Freedom of the Press: The War on Words (1977-1978)

ISBN : 9780199407330

Ahfaz ur Rehman; Imtiaz Piracha
252 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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The book presents an autobiographical narrative of renowned journalist Ahfaz ur Rehman, who led the historic journalists' movement in the late 1970s against the military ruler, General Zia ul-Haq.


Foreword I by Wahab Siddiqui
Foreword II by Iqbal Khursheed
Part One
1. Beginning of the Affair
2. Preparations for the Struggle
3. The Government's Stubbornness
4. The Final Front
Part Two
Aurangzeb: 1. 1978 Freedom of the Press Movement
Masood Qamar: 2. Stories of Torture From Lyallpur to Landhi Jai
Farhad Zaidi: 3. Prison Diaries What Confinement? What Freedom?
Aslam Shaikh: 4. The Prison Door Opened
Ali Ahmed Khan: 5. The Saga of Struggle
Zafar Qureshi: 6. Prison Diary
Shabbar Azmi: 7. Reminiscences of 1977-8 Freedom of the Press Movement

About the author: 

Ahfaz ur Rehman is a senior Pakistani journalist, activist, writer, and poet. Rehman has fought for freedom of the press and for the rights of journalists and others working in media throughout his career. He has authored several books.; Journalist and translator Imtiaz Piracha has written articles in English and Urdu dailies. He has worked in Qatar with MEBS International and has monitored and translated news and current affairs broadcasts.

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