After the New Testament: 100-300 C.E.: A Reader in Early Christianity (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780195398922

Bart D. Ehrman
576 Pages
191 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jan 2015
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The remarkable diversity of Christianity during the formative years before the Council of Nicea has become a plain, even natural, "fact" for most ancient historians. Until After the New Testament, however, there had never been a sourcebook of primary texts that revealed the many varieties of Christian beliefs, practices, ethics, experiences, confrontations, and self-understandings. To help readers recognize and experience the rich diversity of the early Christian movement, After the New Testament, Second Edition, provides a wide range of texts from the second and third centuries, both "orthodox" and "heterodox," including such works as the Apostolic Fathers, the writings of Nag Hammadi, early pseudepigrapha, martyrologies, anti-Jewish tractates, heresiologies, canon lists, church orders, liturgical texts, and theological treatises. Rather than providing only fragments of texts, this collection prints large excerpts-entire documents wherever possible-organized under social and historical rubrics. This unique reader's concise and informative introductions and clear and up-to-date English translations make it ideal for courses on Early Christianity, Christian Origins, or Early Church History. It will also appeal to anyone-student, scholar, and general reader alike-interested in the entire range of early Christian literature from the period after the New Testament up to the writings of the so-called father of church history, Eusebius. The Second Edition includes new and updated translations as well as considerable additions to the roster of sources, including excerpts from the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Judas, and the correspondence between Jesus and Abgar. The book also includes two brand-new rubrics of texts, one focusing on the method and practice of interpreting scripture, and the other focusing on women and gender in early Christianity.


1) General Introduction
2) The Spread of Christianity: Early Christians and their Converts
1. The Acts of John
2. The Acts of Thomas
3. Justin: Dialogue with Trypho
3) The Attack on Christianity: Persecution and Martyrdom in the Early Church
4. Pliny's Letter to Trajan
5. The Letter of Ignatius to the Romans
6. The Martyrdom of Polycarp
7. The Letter of the Churches of Vienne and Lyons
8. The Acts of the Scillitan Martyrs
9. The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas
4) The Defense of Christianity: Pagan Antagonists and Early Christian Apologists
Pagan Antagonists
10. Minucius Felix: Octavius
11. Celsus
12. Porphyry
Christian Apologists
13. Justin: First Apology
14. Athenagoras: Plea Regarding the Christians
15. The Letter to Diognetus
16. Tertullian: Apology
17. Origen: Against Celsus
5) Anti-Judaic Polemic: The Opposition to Jews in Early Christianity
18. The Epistle of Barnabas
19. Justin: Dialogue with T rypo
20. Melito of Sardis: On the Passover
21. Tertullian: Answer to the Jews
6) The Diversity of Early Christianity: Writings Later Deemed Heretical or Sectarian
Jewish-Christian Texts
22. The Gospel According I o the Ebionites
23. The Letter of Peter to J ames and Its Reception
24. The Homilies of Clement
Gnostic-Christian Texts
Sethian Texts
25. The Secret Book of John
26. The First Thought in Three Forms
27. The Apocalypse of Adam
Valentinian Texts
28. The Gospel of Truth
29. The Treatise on the Resurrection
30. The Gospel of Philip
Thomasine Texts
31. The Hymn of the Pearl
32. The Book of Thomas
Other Gnostic Texts
33. On the Origin of the World
34. The Wisdom of Jesus Christ
7) The Internal Conflicts of Christianity: Writings Against the "Heretics
Proto-Orthodox Heresiologists
35. Irenaeus: Against the Heresies
36. Tertullian: Prescription of the Heretics
37. Tertullian: On the Flesh
38. Tertullian: Against Praxeas
"Gnostic" Heresiologists
39. The Coptic Apocalypse of Peter
40. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
8) Apostolic Writings Outside the Canon: New Testament Apocrypha
Apocryphal Gospels
41. The Proto-Gospel of James
42. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas
43. The Gospel of Thomas
44. The Gospel of Judas
45. The Gospel of Peter
46. The Gospel of Mary
47. The Epistle of the Apostles
Apocryphal Acts
48. Acts of Thomas
49. Acts of Peter
50. Acts of Paul
51. Acts of John
Apocryphal Epistles
52. The Letters of King Abgar and Jesus
53. Paul's Third Letter to the Corinthians
54. Paul's Letter to the Laodiceans
55. The Correspondence Between Paul and Seneca
Apocryphal Apocalypses
56. The Apocalypse of Peter
57. The Apocalypse of Paul
58. Ascension of Isaiah
9) The New Scriptures: Canonical Lists in Early Christianity
59. The Muratorian Canon
60. Irenaeus: Against the Heresies
61. Origen of Alexandria
62. Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History
10) The Interpretation of Scripture: The Use of the Bible in the Early Church
63. Ptolemy's Letter to Fl1ra
64. Irenaeus: Against the heresies
65. Tertullian: Prescription of the Heretics and Against Marcion
66. Origen: Commentary on John
67. Origen: On First Principles
11) The Proclamation of the Word: Homilies in Early Christianity
68. Second Clement
69. Origen: Homilies on Luke
70. Origen: Homilies on Genesis
12) The Structure of Early Christianity: The Development of Church Offices
71. First Clement
72. The Didache
73. The Letters of Ignatius to the Ephesians, Magnesians, and Smyrneans
74. Hippolytus: The Apostolic Tradition
75. The Didascalia
76. Cyprian: On the Unity of the Catholic Church
13) The Development of the Liturgy: Ritual Practices in Early Christianity
77. The Didache
78. Justin: First Apology
79. Tertullian: Apology
80. Tertullian: On the Crown
81. Hippolytus: The Apostolic Tradition
82. The Didascalia
14) Women and Gender: Christianity in a Patriarchal World
83. The Acts of Thecla
84. The Acts of Peter
85. The Gospel of the Egyptians
86. Irenaeus: Against the Heresies
87. Clement of Alexandria: Miscellanies
88. Tertullian: On the Dress of Women
89. Women Montanist Prophets
15) Leading the Upright Life: The Role of Ethics in Early Christianity
90. The Didache
91. Clement of Alexandria: The Educator
92. Tertullian: To His Wife
16) The Emergence of Orthodoxy: Theological Writings of Proto-Orthodox Christians
93. Tertullian: Against Praxeas
94. Origen: On First Principles
95. Novatian: On the Trinity
96. Dionysius of Rome: Letter to Dionysius of Alexandria

About the author: 

Bart D. Ehrman is James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has published numerous books and articles on the literature and history of early Christianity, including The Bible (OUP 2014), The New Testament, Fifth Edition (OUP 2011), The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot (OUP 2006), Christianity in Late Antiquity (OUP 2004), and Lost Christianities (OUP 2003).

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