Global Health Justice and Governance

ISBN : 9780199694631

Jennifer Prah Ruger
432 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2018
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In a world beset by extreme and unconscionable health disparities humankind desperately needs a new vision to ensure central health capabilities for all. Yawing gaps in health law, dangerous contagions that can circle our globalized planet in hours, and a bewildering confusion of health systems are all profound challenges requiring urgent address. Global Health Justice and Governance lays out the critical problems facing the world today and offers a new theory of justice and governance as a way to resolve these seemingly intractable issues. A fundamental responsibility of government is to ensure human flourishing. The central role that health plays in this flourishing places a unique claim on our public institutions and resources, as central health capabilities are pressed to reduce premature death and prevent avoidable morbidities. In a world of staggering inequalities, imperilling epidemics, and inadequacies of current models a new architecture of central health systems is desp


Part I: Problems in Global Health and Governance
1 Global Health Problems
2 Global Health Governance Problems
Part II: Global Health Justice
3 Contrasting Theories of Global Justice
4 An Alternative Account: Provincial Globalism
Part III: Global Health Governance
5 Divergent Perspectives in Global Health Governance
6 Global Health Governance as Shared Health Governance
7 International and Global Health Law
Part IV: The International Order and Global Institutions
8 WHO and Other United Nations Agencies
9 The World Bank and Other Organisations
10 Emerging Countries
Part V: States: Actors, Institutions, and Policies
11 Fulfilling Global Health Justice Requirements: Realizing The Health Capability Paradigm (HCP)
12 Shared Health Governance at the Domestic Level

About the author: 

Jennifer Prah Ruger is a leading scholar of global and domestic health policy and public health. She is currently the Amartya Sen Professor of Public Health Equity, Economics, and Policy; Associate Dean for Global Studies; and Faculty Chair at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, all at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ruger has authored over 100 publications and is internationally recognized for her leadership and work, which has been cited by the United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization and United States Government.

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