Conservation Drones: Mapping and Monitoring Biodiversity

ISBN : 9780198787617

Serge A. Wich; Lian Pin Koh
144 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
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This book aims to further build capacity in the conservation community to use drones for conservation and inspire others to adapt emerging technologies for conservation.


1 Deciding to use a drone
2 Typology and anatomy of drones
3 Sensors
4 Surveillance
5 Mapping
6 Animal detection
7 Data post processing
8 Future casting

About the author: 

Serge Wich is a professor at Liverpool John Moores University (Liverpool, UK) and an honorary professor for the conservation of the great apes at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Serge is also a co-Founding Director of the non-profit, ConservationDrones.org. Updates on his work can also be found on www.sergewich.com. Professor Wich's research focuses on primate behavioral ecology, tropical rain forest ecology, and conservation of primates and their habitats. His research is strongly focused on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and Borneo and he uses a mixture of observational and experimental fieldwork. He also uses emerging technologies such as drones for his work. ; Lian Pin Koh is Professor and Chair of Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of Adelaide, and co-Founding Director of ConservationDrones.org. Koh is an applied ecologist whose notable scientific contributions include the study of species co-extinctions and modeling the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture across the tropics. His research focuses on developing the Science and Science-based decision support tools to help reconcile society's growing consumptive needs with environmental protection. He addresses this challenge through field studies and experiments, computer simulations and modelling, as well as by co-opting emerging technologies for use in environmental research and applications.

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