The Evolution of Developmental Pathways

ISBN : 9780878939169

Adam S. Wilkins
575 Pages
180 x 240 mm
Pub date
Dec 2001
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A principal aim of this book is to introduce upper-level students and biologists in other disciplines to this field, and to present it within its larger context. The book also suggests a useful general framework for thinking about developmental evolution. The book's organising concept is that of the genetic pathway, the sequence of requisite genetic and molecular activities that underlie a developmental process. From this perspective, the author explores the nature of the genetic, molecular, and selectional events that alter these pathways, yielding developmental change.


PART I. Context and Foundations
1. Evolution and Embryology: A Brief History of a Complex Pas de Deux
2. Information Sources for Reconstructing Developmental Evolution: Fossils
3. Information Sources for Reconstructing Developmental Evolution: Comparative Molecular Studies
4. Genetic Pathways and Networks in Development
5. Conserved Genes and Functions in Animal Development
PART II. Case Studies in Pathway Evolution
6. Evolving Developmental Pathways I: Sex Determination
7. Evolving Developmental Pathways II: Segmental Patterning in Insects
8. Evolving Developmental Pathways III: Two Organ Fields,The Nematode Vulva and the Tetrapod Limb
PART III. Conundrums
9. Genetic Source Materials for Developmental Evolution
10. Costs and Constraints: Factors that Retard and Channel Developmental Evolution
11. On Growth and Form: The Developmental and Evolutionary Genetics of Morphogenesis
12. Speciation and Developmental Evolution
13. Metazoan Origins and the Beginnings of Complex Animal Evolution
14. The Coming Evolution of Evolutionary Developmental Biology

About the author: 

Adam Wilkins is Editor of the journal BioEssays. He earned a B.A. from Reed College, and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Washington, and completed post-doctoral fellowships at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin. A full-time academic until 1983, he has since held visiting professorships or lectureships at the University of Washington, the University of Wisconsin, and the National University of Singapore. Dr. Wilkins is the author of two editions of Genetic Analysis of Animal Development (John Wiley & Sons, 1986 & 1993), and co-editor of Molecular Evolution (Jones and Bartlett, 1984, with E. A. Terzaghi and D. Penny) and Molecular Model Systems in the Lepidoptera (Cambridge University Press, 1995, with M. Goldsmith). His particular research interest, at present, is the evolution of sex determination pathways.

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