The Human Eye: Structure and Function

ISBN : 9780878936441

Clyde W. Oyster
766 Pages
208 x 273 mm
Pub date
Jun 1999
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Readable, clear text and hundreds of original anatomical drawings are accompanied by a series of text boxes discussing anatomical methods and ocular surgery, as well as historical 'vignettes', which illustrate how we have come to understand the eye as we do.


Prologue: A Brief History of Eyes
Part 1: Ocular Systems
1. Formation of the Human Eye
2. Ocular Geometry and Topography
3. The Orbit
4. The Extraocular Muscles
5. The Nerves of the Eye and Orbit
6. Blood Supply and Drainage
7. The Eyelids and the Lacrimal System
Part 2: Components of the Eye
8. The Cornea and the Sclera
9. The Limbus and the Anterior Chamber
10. The Iris and the Pupil
11. The Ciliary Body and the Choroid
12. The Lens and the Vitreous
13. Retina I: Photoreceptors and Functional Organization
14. Retina II: Editing Photoreceptor Signals
15. Retina III: Regional Variation and Spatial Organization
16. The Retina in Vivo and the Optic Nerve
Epilogue: Time and Change

About the author: 

Clyde W. Oyster is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physiological Optics of the School of Optometry at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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