Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780878935734

Dale Purves; Elizabeth Brannon; Roberto Cabeza; Scott A. Huettel; Kevin Labar; Michael L. Platt; Marty Woldorff
563 Pages
220 x 280 mm
Pub date
Nov 2012
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Written by seven leading authors, the text covers the growing subject of cognitive neuroscience and makes clear the many challenges that remain to be solved. Now, in this second edition, the text has been streamlined to 15 chapters for ease of reference. The condensation makes the topics covered easier to assimilate, and better suited to presentation in a single-semester course.Each chapter has been updated to address the latest developments in the field, including expanded coverage of genetics, evolution, and neural development. Introductory Boxes in each chapter take up an especially interesting issue to better capture readers' attention. An appendix reviews the major features of human neuroanatomy and basic aspects of neural signaling.As before, this edition includes an extensive glossary of key terms. And, with every new copy of the book, we offer a fully upgraded version of Sylvius 4 Online, which includes an interactive tutorial on human neuroanatomy as well as a magnetic resonance imaging atlas of the human brain.


1 Cognitive Neuroscience: Definitions, Themes, and Approaches
2 The Methods of Cognitive Neuroscience
3 Sensory Systems and Perception: Vision
4 Sensory Systems and Perception: Auditory, Mechanical, and Chemical Senses
5 Motor Systems: The Organization of Action
6 Attention and Its Effects on Stimulus Processing
7 The Control of Attention
8 Memory: Varieties and Mechanisms
9 Declarative Memory
10 Emotion
11 Social Cognition
12 Language
13 Executive Functions
14 Decision Making
15 Evolution and Development of Brain and Cognition

About the author: 

Dale Purves is Director of the Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders program at Duke's Graduate Medical School and Executive Director of the Neuroscience Research Partnership at A*STAR (both located in Singapore).; Kevin S. LaBar is Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine.; Michael L. Platt is Professor of Neurobiology at the Duke University School of Medicine and Director of the Duke Institute for Brain Science.; Marty Woldorff is Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine.; Roberto Cabeza is Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience at Duke University.; Scott A. Huettel is Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Director of the Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Science.

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