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Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits

ISBN : 9780878934812

Michael Lynch; Bruce Walsh
980 Pages
189 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jan 1998
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Professors Lynch and Walsh bring together the diverse array of theoretical and empirical applications of quantitative genetics in a work that is up-to-date, comprehensive and accessible to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of statistics and genetics. Central concepts are developed from first principles and illustrated with wide-ranging examples. The book reflects the recent influx of quantitative-genetic thinking into evolutionary biology and includes the latest techniques for QTL (quantitative-trait loci) analysis. Although written as a general text in quantitative genetics, the book will also serve as a basic reference for the seasoned professional.Website http://nitro.biosci.arizona.edu/zbook/book.html


I. Foundations of Quantitative Genetics
*An Overview of Quantitative Genetics
*Properties of Distributions
*Covariance, Regression, and Correlation
*Properties of Single Loci
*Sources of Genetic Variation for Multilocus Traits
*Components of Environmental Variation
*Resemblance between Relatives
*Introduction to Matrix Algebra and Linear Models
*Analysis of Line Crosses
*Inbreeding Depression
*Matters of Scale
II. Quantitative Trait Loci
Polygenes and Polygenic Mutation
*Detecting Major Genes
*Basic Concepts of Marker-Based Analysis
*Mapping and Characterizing QTLs: Inbred-Line Crosses
*Mapping and Characterizing QTLs: Outbred Populations
III. Estimation Procedures
Parent-Offspring Regression
*Sib Analysis
*Twins and Clones
*Cross-Classified Designs
*Correlations Between Characters
*Genotype x Environment Interaction
*Maternal Effects
*Sex Linkage and Sexual Dimorphism
*Threshold Characters
*Estimation of Breeding Values
*Variance-Component Estimation with Complex Pedigrees
A1. Expectations, Variances and Covariances of Compound Variables
A2. Path Analysis
A3.A Further Topics in Matrix Algebra and Linear Models
A4. Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Likelihood-Ratio Tests
A5. Computing the Power of Statistical Tests

About the author: 

Michael Lynch is Distinguished Professor of Biology at Indiana University.; Bruce Walsh is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.

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