ISBN : 9780878930371

Elliott M. Blass
300 Pages
175 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2008
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This books discusses the causes and mechanisms underlying obesity. It discusses the factors that have contributed to the obesity epidemic, including social, cultural, medical, developmental, and political influences, on individuals and at group levels. It offers steps towards prevention and fitness, including feeding strategies.


1 Critical Introduction to Obesity, Gerard P. Smith
2 The Epidemiology of Obesity: Causal Roots--Routes of Cause, Viktor E. Bovbjerg
3 Metabolic Influences on the Controls of Meal Size, Timothy H. Moran
4 Obesity and Addiction, Roy A. Wise
5 The Logic of Sensory and Hedonic Comparisons: Are the Obese Different?, Derek. J. Snyder and Linda M. Bartoshuk
6 Development of Eating Behavior: Immediate and Long-Term Consequences, Julie Lumeng
7 Learning and Hedonic Contributions to Human Obesity, Martin R. Yeomans
8 Exercise for Obesity Treatment and Prevention: Current Perspectives and Controversies, Shaun M. Filiault
9 Built Environments and Obesity, Jeffery Sobal and Brian Wansink
10 From Protocols to Populations: Establishing a Role for Energy Density of Food in the Obesity Epidemic, Marion M. Hetherington and Barbara J. Rolls
11 Proposed Modifications to the Food Stamp Program: Likely Effects and Their Policy Implications, Conner C. Mullally, Julian M. Alston, Daniel A. Sumner, Marilyn S. Townsend, and Stephen A. Vosti
12 Environmental Food Messages and Childhood Obesity, Shauna Harrison, Darcy A. Thompson, and Dina L. G. Borzekowski
13 A Framework for the Treatment of Obesity: Early Support, Cecilia Bergh, Matthew Sabin, Julian Shield, Goran Hellers, Modjtaba Zandian, Karolina Palmberg, Barbro Olofsson, Kerstin Lindeberg, Mikael Bjornstrom, and Per Sodersten

About the author: 

Elliott M. Blass received his PhD [Psychology] from the University of Virginia and his postdoctoral training [Zoology] from the University of Pennsylvania. He was on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University and Medical School [Psychology and Psychiatry] for twenty years, during which time he was trained as a Psychiatry Resident. He taught for six years at Cornell [Psychology and Nutrition] and is now a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Behavior at the University of Massachusetts. Blass is a Research Professor in Pediatrics at The Boston University School of Medicine. His research interests have focused on feeding motivation, infant nutrition, mother-infant interactions, and obesity.

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