Women, Healthcare, and Violence in Pakistan

ISBN : 9780199406067

Sara Rizvi Jafree (Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Forman Christian College (FCC), Lahore)
292 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
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The book offers a research-based account of the prevalent attitudes towards female healthcare practitioners in Pakistan. It takes a scholarly look at various structural issues that exist because of a strong gender bias against women, and discusses the way it affects the role delivery of women practitioners in hospital settings.


1. The Women Healthcare Profession in a Patriarchal World
- Definitions and Types of Workplace Violence
- Workplace Violence: A Global Predicament
- Workplace Violence: The Existing Scholarship from Pakistan
- Media Reports
- Legal Status for Working Women
- Conclusion
2. Theories of Workplace Violence
- Perpetrator Theories
- Structural Theories
- Victim Theories
- Violence and the Link to Patient Safety
- Conclusion
3. Quantitative Evidence of Workplace Violence
- Types of Women Healthcare Practitioners in Pakistan
- The Condition of Public Hospitals in Pakistan
- Findings
- Conclusion
4. Voiced Experiences of the Workplace: Learning by Listening
- Culture and Patriarchy
- Governance and Structure
- Conclusion
5. Women Practitioners in Support of Cyclical Violence
- Forced Professions and Conflict amongst Women Practitioners
- Accepting Violence and Owning Perpetrators
- The Hidden Pact
- Coping Strategies against Violence
- Conclusion
6. The Perpetrators' Silent Allies
- Guilt and Blame-shifting
- Administrative Legacies
- Second-class Professionals
- Conclusion
7. Women Practitioners Matter: Contesting Patriarchy for Care-Providers
- The Question of Women Practitioners' Rights
- Policy Direction
- Conclusion

About the author: 

Sara Rizvi Jafree is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the Forman Christian College (FCC), Lahore. She has published multiple articles concerning women and healthcare in Pakistan including 'Ethical violations in the clinical setting: The hidden curriculum learning experience of Pakistani nurses' and 'Maternal employment in Pakistan: Socio-demographic shortfalls and association with birth weight'.

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