The Oxford Handbook of Freedom

ISBN : 9780199989423

David Schmidtz; Carmen Pavel
544 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
Oxford Handbooks
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The Oxford Handbook of Freedom crafts the first wide-ranging analysis of freedom in all its dimensions: legal, cultural, religious, economic, political, and psychological. This volume includes 28 new essays by well regarded philosophers, as well some historians and political theorists.


Chapter 1: Self-ownership Dan Russell
Chapter 2: Positive Freedom and the General Will Piper L. Bringhurst and Gerald Gaus
Chapter 3: Moralised Conceptions of Liberty Ralf Bader
Chapter 4: On the Conflict between Liberty and Equality Hillel Steiner
Chapter 5: Freedom and Equality Elizabeth Anderson
Chapter 6: Non-domination Frank Lovett
Chapter 7: The Point of Self-ownership David Sobel

Chapter 8: Platonic Freedom Fred Miller
Chapter 9: Aristotelian Freedom David Keyt
Chapter 10: Freedom in the Scholastic Tradition Edward Feser
Chapter 11: Freedom, Slavery and Identity in Renaissance Florence Orlando Patterson
Chapter 12: Freedom and Enlightenment Ryan Hanley
Chapter 13: Adam Smith's Libertarian Paternalism Jim Otteson
Chapter 14: Market Failure, the Tragedy of the Commons, and Default Libertarianism in Contemporary Economics and Policy Mark Budolfson
Chapter 15: Planning, Freedom and the Rule of Law Steve Wall
Chapter 16: Freedom, Regulation and Public Policy Mark Pennington
Chapter 17: Boundaries, Subjection to Laws and Affected Interests Carmen Pavel
Chapter 18 Democracy and Freedom Jason Brennan
Chapter 19: Can Constitutions Limit Government? Michael Huemer

Chapter 20: Freedom and Religion Richard Arneson
Chapter 21: Freedom and Influence in Formative Education Kyla Ebels-Duggan
Chapter 22: Freedom and the (Posthumous) Harm Principle David Boonin

Chapter 23: Exploitation and Freedom Matt Zwolinski
Chapter 24: Voluntariness, Coercion, Self-ownership Serena Olsaretti
Chapter 25: The Impartial Spectator and the Moral Teachings of Markets Virgil Storr

Chapter 26: Disciplinary Specialization and Thinking for Yourself Elijah Millgram
Chapter 27: Free Will as a Psychological Accomplishment Eddy Nahmias
Chapter 28: Prisoners of Misbelief: Why the Friends and Theorists of Freedom Should Pay More Attention to its Epistemic Conditions Allen Buchanan

About the author: 

David Schmidtz is Kendrick Prof of Philosophy (SBS), Eller Chair of Service-Dominant Logic (College of Management) at The University of Arizona Carmen Pavel is Lecturer in International Politics and Director of the BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Programme at King's College London

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