Widows of Vidarbha: Making of Shadows

ISBN : 9780199484676

Kota Neelima
288 Pages
147 x 224 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
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Farmer suicides are the most brutal and unforgiving indictment of the neglect of agriculture by the state and the politics, obsessed with power and the market. Every farmer who dies leaves behind a legacy of debt and desperation for his widow to deal with. They grapple with precarious financial conditions, fragile rain-fed crops, the needs of young children, the health costs of elders. As they fight against these challenges, they succeed sometimes but, mostly, they fail. Widows of Vidarbha is the story of 18 such widows of Vidarbha who have been invisible to the state, the community, and even their families.


List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations Preface Introduction Section I Making of Shadows: Yavatmal Chapter 1: Hope and Other Temporary Things Chapter 2: The Absence of Everything Chapter 3: The Happy Ever After Chapter 4: Death Amid Doubt and Denial Chapter 5: How to Count the Dead Chapter 6: Life and Death of a Sentiment Chapter 7: The Harvest of Time Chapter 8: A Home of Death and Memories Chapter 9: A Museum of the Possible Section II Making of Shadows: Amravati Chapter 10: Once Upon a Time a Farmer Chapter 11: Those that Money Cannot Buy Chapter 12: Death at the Wishing Well Chapter 13: The Immortality of Memory Chapter 14: A Farmer Standing Still Chapter 15: The Rules of Dreaming Chapter 16: Of Death and Second Chances Chapter 17: The Dependent World of a Widow Chapter 18: Her Place Under the Sun Conclusion Appendices Bibliography Index About the Author

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