Wittgenstein: Comparisons and Context

ISBN : 9780198823353

P. M. S. Hacker
280 Pages
153 x 234 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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This volume collects P. M. S. Hacker's papers on Wittgenstein and related themes written over the last decade. Hacker provides comparative studies of a range of topics--including Wittgenstein's philosophy of psychology, conception of grammar, and treatment of intentionality--and defends his own Wittgensteinian conception of philosophy.


Original Places of Publication
Part I On Method
1 Philosophy: a Contribution not to Human Knowledge but to Human Understanding
Part II Comparisons and Clarifications
2 Kant and Wittgenstein: the Matter of Transcendental Arguments
3 Kant's Transcendental Deduction--a Wittgensteinian Critique
4 The Development of Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Psychology
5 Wittgenstein's Anthropological and Ethnological Approach
6 Two Conceptions of Language
7 Wittgenstein on Grammar, Theses, and Dogmatism
8 Intentionality and the Harmony between Language and Reality
Part III Context
9 Passing by the Naturalistic Turn: on Quine's cul-de-sac
10 Analytic Philosophy--What, Whence and Whither?

About the author: 

P. M. S. Hacker is Emeritus Research Fellow at St John's College, Oxford. He is author of Insight and Illusion (Clarendon Press, 1972 [2nd revised ed. 1986]), the four-volume Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, the first two volumes, co-authored with G. P. Baker, of Wittgenstein's Place in Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy (Blackwell, 1980-96), and Wittgenstein: Connections and Controversies (OUP, 2001). He has written extensively on philosophy and the neurosciences, most recently Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience (Blackwell, 2003), and History of Cognitive Neuroscience (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008), co-authored with M. R. Bennett. He is currently writing a three-volume work on human nature, the first volume of which, Human Nature: the Categorial Framework, was published in 2007 (Blackwell). The sequel, Human Nature: the Cognitive and Cogitative Powers, is to be published in 2013.

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