The Oxford Handbook of the Age of Shakespeare

ISBN : 9780198822271

R. Malcolm Smuts
848 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
Oxford Handbooks
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The Oxford Handbook of the Age of Shakespeare offers literary scholars a variety of perspectives, insights, and methodologies found in current historical work that inform the study of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.


1 R. Malcolm Smuts: Introduction: Reflections on Interdisciplinary Frontiers
Part I: Politics
2 Norman Jones: William Cecil Lord Burghley and the Management of Elizabeth's England
3 Paul E. J. Hammer: The Earl of Essex
4 Pauline Croft: Robert Cecil and the Transition from Elizabeth to James I
5 R. Malcolm Smuts: James I and the Consolidation of British Monarchy?
6 D. J. B. Trim: War, Soldiers and High Politics under Elizabeth I
7 Rory Rapple: Shakespeare, the Irish, and Military Culture
8 Glyn Parry: Catholicism and Tyranny in Shakespeare's Warwickshire
9 Dan Beaver: Ancient Liberties, Royal Honour, and the Politics of Commonweal in English Forests, 1558-1625
Part II: Intellectual Culture and Political Thought and Imagination
10 Timothy Wilks: Poets, Patronage and the Prince's Court
11 Peter Lake: The Theatre and the 'Post-Reformation Public Sphere'
12 Peter Mack: Rhetorical Training and the Elizabethan Grammar School
13 Daniel Woolf and Jane Wong Yeang Chui: English Vernacular Historical Writing and Holinshed's Chronicles
14 Nicholas Popper: European Historiography in English Political Culture
15 Paulina Kewes: Roman History, Essex, and Late Elizabethan Political Culture
16 Debora Shuger: Other Republicanisms
17 Alexandra Gajda: The Gordian Knot of Policy: Statecraft and the Prudent Prince
18 Curtis Perry: Seneca and English Political Culture
19 Arthur Williamson: David Hume, Richard Verstegan, and the Battle for Britain
20 Brendan Kane and R. Malcolm Smuts: The Politics of Race in England, Scotland, and Ireland
Part III: Aspects of Religious Culture
21 Katy Gibbons: English Catholics and the Continent
22 Naomi Tadmor: The Bible in English Culture: The Age of Shakespeare
23 Ethan H. Shagan: Religious Nonconformity and the Quality of Mercy: The Merchant of Venice in Reformation Context
24 Tom Webster: Protestantism and the Devil
Part IV: Social Beliefs and Practices
25 Linda Pollock: The Affective Life in Shakespearean England
26 Richard Cust: Chivalry and the English Gentleman
27 Alan Bryson: Elizabethan Verse Libel
28 James Daybell: Gender, Writing Technologies, and Early Modern Epistolary Communications
29 Brian Weiser: The Shamings of Falstaff
30 Susan D. Amussen: Cuckold's Haven: Gender Inversion in Popular Culture
31 K. J. Kesselring: 'Murder's Crimson Badge': Homicide in the Age of Shakespeare
32 Alastair Bellany: Thinking with Poison
33 Paul Griffiths: Criminal London: Fear and Danger in Shakespeare's City
34 Vanessa Harding: Families and Households in Early Modern London, c.1550-1640
35 Christopher Highley: Theatre, Church, and Neighbourhood in Early Modern Blackfriars
36 Roze Hentschell: The Cultural Geography of St Paul's Precinct
Part V: Architecture, Visual Culture, and Music
37 Robert Tittler: Art and Architecture in Provincial England
38 Luke Morgan: Garden Design and Experience in Shakespeare's England
39 Elizabeth Goldring: Art Collecting and Patronage in Shakespeare's England
40 Helen Pierce: Graphic Satire and the Printed Image in Shakespeare's London
41 Ross w. Duffin: Music and the Stage in the Time of Shakespeare

About the author: 

R. Malcolm Smuts, Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts Boston, has had a lifelong interest in interdisciplinary scholarship on early modern Britain and Europe. His publications include Court Culture and the Origins of a Royalist Tradition in England (1987); Culture and Power in England 1585-1685 (1998) and several edited collections and articles on aspects of political and cultural history.

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