Mating Intelligence Unleashed: The Role of the Mind in Sex, Dating, and Love

ISBN : 9780195396850

Glenn Geher; Scott Barry Kaufman
320 Pages
163 x 236 mm
Pub date
Feb 2013
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There's intelligence involved in mating? Until recently, evolutionary psychologists have considered human mating behavior to be universal and similar to other animals, painting a picture of human mating as visceral, animalistic, and instinctual. But that's not the whole story. In courtship and display, sexual competition and rivalry, we are guided by Mating Intelligence, or the range of psychological abilities designed for sexual reproduction. Mating Intelligence is at work in our efforts to form, maintain, coordinate, and terminate relationships. It guides us in flirtation, foreplay, copulation, mind-reading, mate search, mate choice, and many other behaviors that may have reproductive payoffs. In Mating Intelligence Unleashed, psychologists Glenn Geher and Scott Barry Kaufman take a fascinating tour of the intersection of mating and intelligence by drawing on cutting-edge research on evolutionary psychology, intelligence, creativity, personality, social psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and more. Along the way, they shed new light on age-old questions, such as: Can humor compensate for less-than-matinee looks? Why do artists have more sexual partners? What role does personality play in the mating domain? What traits influence attraction? How do people choose mates? How do men and women deceive each other? How important are kindness, compassion, and understanding? What about emotional intelligence? Do nice guys really finish last? This book will change the way you think about sex, dating, love, and the human mind.


1. Introduction: Cupid's Cognitive Arrow
2. "I'm Too Sexy for this Canvas": Why Creativity is Sexy
3. Wanted! Neurotic Mess: The Role of Personality in Mating
4. What's your Cue?: Attractiveness and Mate Choice in the Real World
5. Game Plans: The Highly Contextual Nature of Human Mating Strategies
6. "She Totally Wants Me": In the World of Mating, Biased Perceptions are Everywhere
7. "I Really am a Tall Doctor - And of Course I Love You!": Mind-Reading, Emotional Intelligence, and Deception
8. Do Nice Guys Finish Last?: The Multiple Routes to Mating Success
9. Mating Intelligence Saves the World
10. The Mating Intelligence Scale

About the author: 

Glenn Geher is an evolutionary behavioral scientist with more than 50 publications to his name on diverse topics, ranging from emotional intelligence to perceptions of romantic partners to attitudes about why boys are different from girls. Chair of Psychology and Director of Evolutionary Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz, Dr. Geher is committed to educating young adults and advancing our understanding of the evolutionary underpinnings of what it means to be human. ; Scott Barry Kaufman is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University, co-founder of The Creativity Post, and Chief Pedagogical Advisor of The Future Project. He holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Yale University; an M.Phil. in experimental psychology from the University of Cambridge, where he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar; and a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests include the nature, identification, and development of human intelligence, creativity, imagination, and personality. In addition to more than 25 publications, he is co-editor of The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence (2011) with Robert J. Sternberg and The Psychology of Creative Writing (2009) with James C. Kaufman. His work has been covered in media outlets such as Scientific American Mind and Men's Health. Additionally, he blogs for Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, Scientific American, and Harvard Business Review.

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