The Energy Security Paradox: Rethinking Energy (In)security in the United States and China

ISBN : 9780198820444

Jonna Nyman
208 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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This book tackles a crucial aspect of international politics: the politics of energy security. The field has been dominated by conventional approaches to the subject, that are both centred on national security and on making sure that states have enough energy. This book takes a radically different approach, questioning what it means to consider energy as a security issue and what happens when we do. In the process, it demonstrates that energy security is approached in ways that cause widespread insecurity for states, human beings, and the environment: this is the Energy Security Paradox. Drawing on in-depth empirical research, it focuses on the United States and China, the top energy consumers and producers. Based on this, it proposes a radical reconsideration of how we approach and practice energy security.


1 Introducing the Energy Security Paradox
2 Understanding Energy (In)security
3 'Common Sense' Energy Security in the United States
4 Contesting Energy Security in the United States
5 'Common Sense' Energy Security in China
6 Contesting Energy Security in China
7 Conclusion: Re-imagining Energy Security

About the author: 

Dr Jonna Nyman is Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield. Her research interests centre around the politics and ethics of security, broadly conceived, with a focus on energy security. She has published articles in Review of International Studies, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, the Journal of International Relations and Development, and WIREs Climate Change, and has published a co-edited volume titled Ethical Security Studies: A New Research Agenda (with Anthony Burke, Routledge, 2016).

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