Concern, Respect, and Cooperation

ISBN : 9780198807841

Garrett Cullity
320 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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Three things often recognized as central to morality are concern for others' welfare, respect for their self-expression, and cooperation in worthwhile collective activity. When philosophers have proposed theories of the substance of morality, they have typically looked to one of these three sources to provide a single, fundamental principle of morality - or they have tried to formulate a master-principle for morality that combines these three ideas in some way. In Concern, Respect, and Cooperation, Garrett Cullity urges us to think of them instead as three independently important foundations of morality. Plural-foundation moral theories are sometimes criticized for having nothing helpful to say about cases in which their fundamental norms conflict. Responding to this, Cullity concludes with three detailed applications of his theory: to the questions surrounding paternalism, the use of others as means, and our moral responsibilities as consumers.


I: Foundations
1 Substantive Moral Theory
2 Norms, Reasons, and Fit
3 Foundations for Morality
II: Derivations
4 Normative Derivations
5 Content-Undermining
6 Context-Undermining
7 Moral Virtues
8 A Morality of Relationships
III: Applications
10 Paternalism
11 Using Others as a Means
12 Consumption

About the author: 

Garrett Cullity is Hughes Professor of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide, where he teaches and writes on topics in practical, theoretical, and meta-ethics. He is a co-editor (with Berys Gaut) of Ethics and Practical Reason (Clarendon Press, 1997) and the author of The Moral Demands of Affluence (Clarendon Press, 2004).

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