They Knew Lincoln

ISBN : 9780190270964

John E. Washington; Kate Masur
304 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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Originally published in 1942, They Knew Lincoln is a collection of historical vignettes about black Americans who Knew Abraham Lincoln. Long out of print, the book offers the colored side of Lincolniana by reproducing the original text and illustrations, including an introduction by Carl Sandburg, along with a new introductory essay contextualizing the work by Kate Masur.


Editor's Introduction
Foreword by the Author
Introduction by Carl Sandburg
Prelude- Recollections of the Ford Theater Neighborhood
Part One: Those Who Loved Lincoln
Grandmother-- Her Story of the Three C's
The Beginning of the Artist-- Booth's Annihilation
Cousin Annie-- Tells about the Keckley and Herndon Books
Uncle Ben, the Preacher-- Cartoon of Riding around the Circuit
His Stories of--King Solomon's Wisdom
The Divine Preparation
Aunt Eliza
Aunt Eliza's Death
Aunt Rosetta Wells-- Her Stories of Little Tad Lincoln and the White House
Uncle Buck
Aunt Mary Dines-- The Contraband Singer
Her Stories of Lincoln's Visits to the Contraband Camp--Their Exercises for Him and His Part in Them
Old Aunt Phobe Bias-- Her Story of the Big Watch-Meeting before the Emancipation Proclamation
Uncle Sandy-- His Story of the Ford's Theater Ghosts
Interlude- Slavery in the East
Part Two: Those Who Served Lincoln
William Slade-- Confidential Messenger and Friend
Aunt Rosetta Wells-- White House Seamstress
Cornelia Mitchell-- White House Cook
Peter Brown-- Butler and Waiter at the White House
William Johnson-- Lincoln's First Bodyguard
Solomon Johnson-- Lincoln's Personal Barber
Part Three: Those Who Remembered Lincoln
Aunt Vina-- Her Home and Souvenirs of Lincoln
Her Description of Lincoln's Funeral
Aunt Elizabeth Thomas-- Heroine of Fort Stevens
John Henry Coghill- Living Witness of Booth's Capture and Death
Her Personal Statement
Tom Gardiner-- How He Knew the Conspirators and Booth's Plans
Personal Statement by Him
William J. Ferguson--The Only Witness of All the Phases of Lincoln's Assassination
Part Four: The Springfield Revelation
William de Fleurville-- Also Known as William Florville and Billy the Barber
Part Five: Elizabeth Keckley
Elizabeth Keckley--Companion and Confidante of Mrs. Lincoln
Behind the Scenes-- Story of Mrs. Keckley's book
Mary Todd Lincoln-- Love of the Negro for Lincoln's Wife

About the author: 

John E. Washington (1880-1964) was a Washington, DC public school teacher and collector of Lincoln memorabilia. He published They Knew Lincoln in 1942. Kate Masur is Associate Professor of History at Northwestern University. She is the author of An Example for All the Land: Emancipation and the Struggle over Equality in Washington, D.C. and the co-editor of The World the Civil War Made.

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