Introduction to Public Health in Pharmacy (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780190238308

Bruce Lubotsky Levin; Ardis Hanson; Peter D. Hurd
336 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Apr 2018
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Introduction to Public Health in Pharmacy, Second Edition takes an approach that is both global and local. Macro-level examinations of health care systems and funding mechanisms around the world and advice for culturally competent, client-centered communication regarding nutrition and proper self-administration of medications encapsulate pharmacists' dual roles as guardians of global public health and providers of personalized care. Written in accordance with the latest guidelines from the Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education, Introduction to Public Health in Pharmacy, Second Edition offers an accessible introduction for pharmacy students and a comprehensive refresher for pharmacists already in practice.


Foreword: Public Health Perspective
Donna J. Petersen
Foreword: Pharmacy Perspective
Robert L. McCarthy
Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Ardis Hanson, Peter D. Hurd
1. Public Health and Pharmacy in the United States
Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Ardis Hanson, Peter D. Hurd
2. Framing Public Health and Pharmacy
Ardis Hanson, Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Peter D. Hurd
3. Global Health
Ardis Hanson, Peter D. Hurd, Bruce Lubotsky Levin
4. Epidemiology
Ardis Hanson, Bruce Lubotsky Levin
5. Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Peter D. Hurd, Justinne Guyton, Ardis Hanson
6. Cultural Perspectives in Public Health
Barry A. Bleidt, Carmita A. Coleman, Peter D. Hurd
7. Pharmacists'Roles in the Increase of Health Literacy Among Patients
Barry A. Bleidt, Carmita A. Coleman, Silvia E. Rabionet, Peter D. Hurd
8. Behavioral Health
Ardis Hanson, Carol A. Ott, Bruce Lubotsky Levin
9. Public Health Nutrition
Lauri Wright, Melody Chavez
10. Financing and Insurance
Samuel H. Zuvekas, Earle Buddy Lingle, Ardis Hanson, Bruce Lubotsky Levin
11. Pharmacoeconomics
Scott K. Griggs, Peter D. Hurd
12. Evidence-Based Practice, Public Health, and Pharmacy
Patrick J. Bryant, Peter D. Hurd, Ardis Hanson
13. Informatics
Ardis Hanson, Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Aimon Miranda
14. Emergency Preparedness
Peter D. Hurd, Stephanie Lukas, Ardis Hanson
15. Education and Training
Angela S. Garcia, Daniel Forrister, Krystal Bullers, Peter D. Hurd

About the author: 

Bruce Lubotsky Levin, DrPH, MPH, is Associate Professor and Head of the Behavioral Health Concentration at the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences and the College of Public Health, both at the University of South Florida. He also is Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Services, Research, and Administration at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Public Health. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.; Ardis Hanson, PhD, is Assistant Director for Research and Education at the Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Health Sciences Library, USF Health, at the University of South Florida. She serves as liaison to the College of Medicine as part of her role as Assistant Director. Her research interests include the intersection of health practice and policy with a focus on health and organizational communication.; Peter D. Hurd, PhD, is Professor and Department Chair of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Dr. Hurd's research interests include public health, leadership/management, health literacy, and psychosocial aspects of medication use. His recent teaching includes courses in public health, the healthcare system, and research methods. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

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