State, Violence, and Legitimacy in India

ISBN : 9780199485550

Santana Khanikar
304 Pages
145 x 221 mm
Pub date
Aug 2018
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How do people respond to a state that is violent towards its own citizens? In this book this question is answered by studying responses to police violence in Delhi and to army violence in the context of a secessionist movement in Assam. Evidence from both the field-sites indicates towards acceptance of the state, though it may be slow and flickering, based on own rationalities of the subjects or contextual.


List of Figures Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations Introduction: Probing state-legitimacy in the context of violence Part I 1. Everyday Policing and Legality 2. Torture, Notions of 'Justice', and Petty Sovereigns 3. Spaces of Abjection and a 'Civic-Disciplining' Model of Policing 4. (Mis)Use, Agency, and Acceptance: Interactions with Police Violence Part II 5. Of Blessings and Banes: People, ULFA, and the State in Lakhipathar 6. ULFA in Lakhipathar: Perspectives and Perceptions 7. Bearing Witness: Memories, War, and Life in Lakhipathar 8. The Making of an Authority: The State versus the Non-state Conclusion: Produced Belongings, Imagined Geographies Glossary Bibliography Index About the Author

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