Friendships of 'Largeness and Freedom': Andrews, Tagore and Gandhi : An Epistolary Account, 1912-1940

ISBN : 9780199481217

Uma Das Gupta
580 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jan 2018
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This book is an epistolary account of the lives of three remarkable individuals. They were Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and the Anglican missionary, Charles Freer Andrews. The study explores two closely related themes, their friendship and their principles for attaining Indian freedom. The freedom they worked for was not merely political though in an unequal world that necessarily had to be an ultimate goal.


Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; Introduction ; 1. Their Friendship, Their Struggles; 2. South Africa and India's Honour; 3. Santiniketan and Phoenix Schools; 4. World War I; 5. Dilemmas, Depressions, Uplifts; 6. Simla, Britain, India; 7. Rowlatt Bills and After; 8. Non-Cooperation; 9. Their Differences; 10. Movement in the 1920s; 11. Movement South Africa; 12. Movement in the 1930s; 13. Gandhi's Work, Gandhi's Message, Andrews, Tagore; 14. Tagore's Works, Tagore's Message, Andrews, Gandhi ; Appendices; Bibliography; Index

About the author: 

Uma Das Gupta is a Former Research Professor, Social Science Division, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Served the United States Educational Foundation in India as Director for Eastern India. Held Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Harvard University and Columbia University. Held National Fellowship at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

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