Quarter Century of Liberalization in India: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

ISBN : 9780199481071

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256 Pages
151 x 223 mm
Pub date
Feb 2018
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This book examines the 1991 economic reforms from different ideological perspectives and carries forward the debates on the pros and cons of the market-friendly set of policies that shifted the centre of India's political economy more rightward than ever before. Authors from diverse backgrounds track the origins and continuation of liberal policies, dissecting the role of the state over the last 25 years in addressing issues like poverty, nutrition, and income inequality.


Preface I Th e Case of 1991 1. Th e 1991 Reforms: How Home-grown Were They? Montek S. Ahluwalia 2. Economic Liberalisation in India: Th en and Now Deepak Nayyar II Transition and Reforms 3. Economic Liberalisation and the Working Poor Prabhat Patnaik 4. Indian Economy in Transition: Th e New Order of Th ings Anjan Chakraborti 5. TINA, India and Economic Liberalisation T. Sabri Oncu 6. Politics of Growth: Script and Post-script Atul Sood 7. Making Reforms Work for the Common People Rajiv Kumar III Reforms, State Intervention and the Market 8. Markets, Growth and Social Opportunity: India since 1991 Pulapre Balakrishnan 9. 'Fiscal Federalism' in India since 1991: Infirmities of Sound Finance Paradigm Chirashree Das Gupta and Surajit Mazumdar 10. Economic Reforms and Manufacturing Sector Growth:Need for Reconfiguring the Industrialisation Model R. Nagaraj 11. Economic Reforms and Agricultural; Growth in India 193 Shantanu De Roy 12. No Room for Complacency: Can We Aff ord Build-up of External Liabilities A.V. Rajwade 13. A-Meri-India: A Note from the Land of Frustrated Aspirants Aseem Shrivastava About the Contributors

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