Urdu Poetry, 1935-1970: The Progressive Episode

ISBN : 9780199403493

Carlo Cappola
702 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jan 2018
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This book attempts to determine the nature and meaning of the term 'progressivism' and assess its significance in the larger context of Urdu literature and, ultimately, South Asian literature.


Acknowledgements ; Preface ; Note on Transcription ; List of Abbreviations ; Chapters; 1 The Urdu Background to the Progressive Movement; 2 The Angare Group: The Enfants Terribles of Urdu Literature; 3 The All-India Progressive Writers' Association: The European Phase; - The Kremlin/Moscow; - London/Bloomsbury; - The Latin Quarter/Paris; 4 The All-India Progressive Writers' Association: The Indian Phase; - The Preliminary Setting: India, 1935-1936; - The First All-India Progressive Writers' Association Meeting, Lucknow, 1936; 5 The All-India Progressive Writers' Association, 1937-1947: Years of Power; - The AIPWA before World War II, 1937-39; - The AIPWA and the War Years, 1939-45; - The AIPWA Between the War and Independence: 1945-47; 6 The Progressive Writers' Association in India and Pakistan, 1947-70: Years of Decline; - The AIPWA, 1947-53: Years of Rapid Decline; - The AIPWA, 1953-70: An organization in Search of Members; - The All-Pakistan Progressive Writers' Association, 1947-58: 'A Very Short and Chequered History'; 7 Faiz Ahmed Faiz: The Progressive Poet as Aesthete; 8 Asrarul Haq Majaz: The Progressive Poet as Romantic; 9 Makhdum Mohiuddin: The Reluctant Progressive; 10 Ali Sardar Jafri: The Progressive Poet and the Consistency of Commitment; 11 Sahir Ludhianvi: The Progressive as Lyric Poet; 12 Conclusions; Appendices; I. Communist Party Activities in India Prior to 1935; II. Select Biographical Notes; A Chronology of the Progressive Writers' Movement ; Glossary of Literary and Historical Allusions ; Select Bibliography ; Index of Poems by Title ; Index of Poems by Author; Index

About the author: 

Carlo Coppola is Professor Emeritus of Hindi-Urdu and linguistics at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA. An award-winning teacher and mentor, he has served as Director at the University's Centre for International Programs. In 1963 he co-founded Mahfil, A Quarterly of South Asian Literature, later retitled as Journal of South Asian Literature. Up until 2002, the magazine served as a major pioneering outlet for South Asian literature translated into English.

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