Management (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780199077366

Gavin Staude; Lynette Louw; Mattheus Louw; Sandra Perks; Trevor Amos; Stan Zindiye; H.B. Klopper; Theuns Oosthuizen
544 Pages
169 x 241 mm
Pub date
Nov 2017
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What managerial competencies are required for the workplace? What does corporate social responsibility involve? What is the importance of ethical decision-making in the business world and how do you contribute towards improving ethical conduct in the work place? The focus of Management 5th edition is to establish the vital competencies of communication; planning and financial management; teamwork; strategic action; global awareness; and emotional intelligence as a necessity to the foundation of management practice. The text prepares students for the workplace within the field of management using practical examples and experiential exercises so that they can apply this knowledge. Management is an introductory text written for students who are studying general management as part of an undergraduate course, either at a university or a university of technology. The fifth edition of Management includes: - A chapter opening case study to familiarise students with the theoretical conc


Part 1 - An overview of management; Chapter 1 - An overview of Management; Chapter 2 - Managerial competencies; Chapter 3 - Evolution of managerial thought; Part 2 - Planning; Chapter 4 - Ethics and corporate social responsibility; Chapter 5 - Strategic Analysis; Chapter 6 - Strategic planning and strategy formulation; Chapter 7 - Fundamentals of decision-making; Part 3 - Organising; Chapter 8 - Organisational structure and design; Chapter 9 - Groups and teams in organisations; Chapter 10 - Culture and diversity; Part 4 - Leading; Chapter 11 - Leadership; Chapter 12 - Motivation; Chapter 13 - Communication; Chapter 14 - Change management; Part 5 - Controlling; Chapter 15 - Control; Chapter 16 - Risk management

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