Defining Citizenship in Archaic Greece

ISBN : 9780198817192

Alain Duplouy; Roger W. Brock
384 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
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Citizenship is a major feature of contemporary national and international politics, but rather than being a modern phenomenon it is in fact a legacy of ancient Greece. Focusing on the archaic period, this volume challenges the narrow Aristotelian model of citizenship and instead explores alternative approaches to the topic, with each contributor bringing his or her own methodology to bear across a range of specific fields of enquiry, from law, cults, and military obligations, to athletics, commensality, and descent.


Frontmatter; List of Figures and Tables; List of Contributors; 1 Alain Duplouy: Pathways to Archaic Citizenship; 2 John K. Davies: State Formation in Early Iron Age Greece: The Operative Forces; 3 Josine Blok: Retracing Steps: Finding Ways into Archaic Greek Citizenship; 4 Hans van Wees: Citizens and Soldiers in Archaic Athens; 5 Paulin Ismard: Associations and Citizenship in Attica from Solon to Cleisthenes; 6 Marcello Lupi: Citizenship and Civic Subdivisions: The Case of Sparta; 7 Paul Cartledge: The Spartan Contribution to Greek Citizenship Theory; 8 Nick Fisher: Athletics and Citizenship; 9 James Whitley: Citizenship and Commensality in Archaic Crete: Searching for the Andreion; 10 Alain Duplouy: Citizenship as Performance; 11 Maurizio Giangiulio: Oligarchies of 'Fixed Number' or Citizen Bodies in the Making?; 12 Roger W. Brock: Conclusion: Taking Stock and Looking Backward; Endmatter; General Bibliography; Index

About the author: 

Alain Duplouy is Reader in Greek Archaeology at the Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, where he has been teaching since 2003. He studied Classics in Brussels and Archaeology in Paris, and was previously a British Academy Visiting Fellow at Leeds and a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has been involved in and also co-directed various field projects in Greece (Itanos) and Italy (Laos and Pietragalla), and his research interests focus particularly on the archaic Greek world, the archaeology of ancient Lucania, and the history of university collections. His publications mainly cover the social and political history of archaic Greece, with a focus on the elite and on citizenship. ; Roger W. Brock is Senior Lecturer in Classics at the University of Leeds. He studied at Oxford, was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ohio State University, and taught at the University of St Andrews and Balliol College, Oxford, before moving to Leeds in 1990. His research interests lie particularly in the fields of Greek historiography, especially Herodotus, and ancient Greek politics, while his publications cover Greek political and constitutional organization, political imagery and ideology, and also wider topics in Greek history and literature. His research currently focuses on ancient Greek citizenship, especially civic subdivisions and non-political aspects, and the related topic of the functioning of Greek oligarchies; he also has a long-standing interest in wine in ancient Greece.

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