Jansenism and England: Moral Rigorism across the Confessions

ISBN : 9780198816652

Thomas Palmer
304 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs
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This study examines the impact in mid- to late seventeenth-century England of the major contemporary religious controversy in France, which revolved around the formal condemnation of a heresy popularly called Jansenism. The associated debates involved fundamental questions about the doctrine of grace and moral theology, about the life of the Church and the conduct of individual Christians. Thomas Palmer analyses the main themes of the controversy, and provides an account of instances of English interest, arguing that English Protestant theologians in the process of working out their own views on basic theological questions recognised the relevance of continental debates. It is further suggested that the theological arguments evolved by the French writers possess some value as a point of comparison for the developing views of English theologians.


Conventions; Abbreviations; Introduction; 1 The Jansenist Critique; 2 Transmission into England; 3 Translation into English; 4 Reception in England; 5 Jansenist Augustinianism and the Springs of Pastoral Rigorism; 6 Anglican Anti-Augustinianism and the Theology of Holy Living; 7 Two Case Studies: Jeremy Taylor on Augustine and Original Sin, 244 and Herbert Thorndike on Jansen and Liberty; 8 Popular Asceticism: Antoine Arnauld's Frequente Communion and Jeremy Taylor's Doctrine of Repentance; Conclusion; Appendix; Bibliography

About the author: 

Thomas Palmer is an independent scholar.

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