Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care: A community based approach for life limiting illness (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198806677

Mari Lloyd-Williams
256 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
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Caring for patients with a terminal illness and their families requires the skills of many professionals working together as a team. It is often the psychosocial issues surrounding patients and families that cause professionals even greater difficulty than the physical symptoms. The issues of psychosocial assessment, treatment, care, and support of palliative care patients differs from the care of patients with early, treatable cancer - time is short and the emphasis different both from a patient and carer perspective. This new edition of a successful text examines current practice and provision of psychosocial support as applied to palliative care patients. It is a highly practical text, comprehensively reviewing the current literature and evidence in order to demonstrate good, and better, practice in psychosocial care.


1 Aliki Karapliagou, Allan Kellehear, and Klaus Wegleitner: The public health end-of-life care movement: History, principles, and styles of practice; 2 Alexandra Mancini and Paula Abramson: Communication and psychosocial issues within neonatal palliative care; 3 Philip J. Larkin: The call to social inclusion: Psychosocial care for the marginalized in society; 4 Linda McEnhill: Psychosocial care in diverse communities and encouraging communities to support each other; 5 Nigel Hartley: Models of psychosocial care for patients and their families: The role of volunteers in supporting psychosocial needs; 6 Karen Harrison Dening: Dementia, multimorbidity and frailty; 7 David W. Kissane: Psychosocial care of families in palliative care; 8 Susan McClement: The meaning of dignity in psychosocial care; 9 Matthew Hotopf: Diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of depression in advanced disease; 10 Luigi Grassi, Maria Giulia Nanni, and Rosangela Caruso: Psychotherapeutic interventions; 11 Mark Cobb: Spiritual care; 12 Allison M. Marziliano, Wendy Lichtenthal, and Holly G. Prigerson: Diagnosis of Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD)

About the author: 

Professor Mari Lloyd-Williams qualified from Leicester University medical school. She was appointed Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer to the University of Leicester Hospitals Trust and LOROs Hospice prior to moving to the University of Liverpool as Consultant and Senior Lecturer. ln 2003 Mari was promoted to a personal chair. She has published over 150 papers and lectures both nationally and internationally and is lead of the highly successful Academic Palliative and Supportive Care Studies Group. Mari has served on several national committees and working parties and lives with her family in North Wales where she enjoys cooking, reading and long walks in the countryside.

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