Scandalous Error: Calendar Reform and Calendrical Astronomy in Medieval Europe

ISBN : 9780198799559

C. Philipp E. Nothaft
384 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Feb 2018
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Scandalous Error provides the first comprehensive study on the history of calendar reform and calendrical astronomy in medieval Europe. It covers a period of more than 1600 years, from the introduction of the Julian calendar in 46/45 BC to the Gregorian calendar reform of 1582, and draws on a broad range of sources, many of them previously unknown or unpublished, in an effort to shed substantial new light on the place of astronomy in medieval intellectual culture.


Introduction; 1 The Julian calendar and the problem of the equinoxes in the early Middle Ages; 2 The ecclesiastical lunar calendar and its critics, 300-1100; 3 Calendrical astronomy in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance; 4 The consolidation of a calendar reform debate in the thirteenth century; 5 Astronomers and the calendar, 1290-1500; 6 The papal reform project of 1344/45 and its protagonists; 7 Church councils and the question of Easter in the fifteenth century; 8 The harvest of medieval calendar reform; References

About the author: 

C. Philipp E. Nothaft studied modern history, ancient history, and philosophy at the University of Munich, leaving with a PhD in modern history in 2011. He has since held positions at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, at University College London, and at the Warburg Institute (University of London). He is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at All Souls College, Oxford. His past publications include three books and about forty articles, most of them revolving around the history of calendars, chronology, and astronomy in medieval and early modern Europe.

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