The Roman Retail Revolution: The Socio-Economic World of the Taberna

ISBN : 9780198769934

Steven J. R. Ellis
304 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
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Tabernae were ubiquitous in all Roman cities, lining the busiest streets and dominating their most crowded intersections in numbers far exceeding those of any other form of building. The Roman Retail Revolution focuses on food and drink outlets in particular, combining critical analysis of both archaeological material and textual sources to challenge many of the conventional ideas about the place of retailing in the Roman city and offer a thorough investigation into the social and economic worlds of the Roman shop.


Frontmatter; List of Figures; List of Tables; 1 An Introduction to Roman Retailing; 2 The Archaeology of Roman Retail Outlets: The Structure and Shape of Shops and Bars; 3 Roman Retail Landscapes: Investment, Profit, and Place; 4 The First Retail Revolution: The Rise of Retail in the 2nd Century BCE; 5 The Second Retail Revolution: The Rise of Retail Specialization (from Shops to Bars); 6 The Third Retail Revolution: The Rise of Retail Homogenization; 7 The Role of Retail in the Roman City; Endmatter; Bibliography; Index

About the author: 

Steven J. R. Ellis is a Roman archaeologist whose research interests cover the social and structural formation of ancient cities. His publications have explored Roman retail spaces, urban waste management, superstition, Roman coins, site formation processes, urban and sacred infrastructure, movement, social structures and their hierarchies (especially of the urban sub-elites), archaeological fieldwork methodologies, and the Roman fish-salting industry. He has also directed and published archaeological projects in both Italy and Greece, including the 'Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia', a project of the University of Cincinnati, where he is Associate Professor of Classics, and the American Academy in Rome.

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