Defining the Discographic Self: Desert Island Discs in Context

ISBN : 9780197266175

Julie Brown
400 Pages
164 x 243 mm
Pub date
Nov 2017
Proceedings of the British Academy
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Desert Island Discs has run on BBC radio since 1942 and its archive is now accessible. This book is the first to assess the programme from a scholarly perspective. Chapters by musicologists, sociologists, and media scholars are complemented by personal spins by 'castaways', who reflect on talking publicly about the role of music in their lives.


Philip Bohlman: Preface; 1 Julie Brown, Nicholas Cook, and Stephen Cottrell: Introduction; Personal Spin A: Lemn Sissay (11 October 2015); Desert Island Discs in Historical Perspective; 2 Will Straw: The Cultural Baggage of the Desert Island; 3 Jenny Doctor: From Forces' Choice to Desert Island Discs: The BBC's Promotion of Personal Choice in Wartime; 4 Kyle Devine: Desert Island Discomorphoses: Listening Formations and the Material Cultures of Music; Personal Spin B: Derek Drescher (producer Desert Island Discs 1976-85); Personal Spin C: Anthony Wall (director of Arena: Desert Island Discs, 1982); Cultural Ideologies and the Politics of Sound; 5 Jo Littler: Adrift or Ashore? Desert Island Discs and Celebrity Culture; 6 Andrew Blake: Playlists and Prizes: Cultural Authority, Personal Taste, and Musical Value since the 1940s; 7 Simon Frith: What Does It Mean to Be Cultured? Desert Island Discs as an Ideological Archive; Personal Spin D: Uta Frith (castaway 24 February 2013); Personal Spin E: Angie Hobbs (castaway 1 February 2015); Desert Island Discs and British Identities; 8 David Hendy: Desert Island Discs and British Emotional Life; 9 Peter Webb: Punk, class, and taste in Desert Island Discs; 10 Sarah Hill: Peripheral Identities on Desert Island Discs and Beti a'I Phobol; Personal Spin F: Mary Beard (31 January 2010); Personal Spin G: Nick Hornby (28 September 2003); Narrativising and Caring for the Self; 11 Tia DeNora: Music and Narrative Selves in Desert Island Discs; 12 Julie Brown: Desert Island Dislocation: Emotion, Nostalgia, and the Utility of Music; 13 Stephen Cottrell: Musicianly Lives Musically Told: Oral History, Classical Music, and Desert Island Discs; Personal Spin H: Debbie Wiseman (castaway 19 October 2014); Personal Spin I: Steven Isserlis (castaway 2 December 2007); Personal Spin J: Gavin Bryars (castaway 5 April 1998); 14 Nicholas Cook: Afterword: Playing the Discographic Self

About the author: 

Julie Brown is Professor of Music at Royal Holloway, University of London ; Nicholas Cook is 1684 Professor of Music at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of the British Academy ; Stephen Cottrell is Professor of Music at City, University of London

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