Social Work Research and Evaluation: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice (11th edition)

ISBN : 9780190859022

Richard M. Grinnell, Jr.; Yvonne A. Unrau
626 Pages
203 x 254 mm
Pub date
Mar 2018
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Since the first edition in 1981, Social Work Research and Evaluation has been designed to provide beginning graduate social work students with the basic methodological foundation they need in order to successfully complete more advanced research courses that focus on single-system designs or program evaluations. Its content is explained in extraordinarily clear, everyday language. This Eleventh Edition features seven new chapters, alongside an updated and expanded companion website. In addition to the existing pedagogy, definitions of key terms are embedded in text boxes throughout each chapter.


Contributors; PART I: THE CONTEXTS OF SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH; 1. Why Study Research?; 2. Research Questions; 3. The Quantitative Research Approach; 4. The Qualitative Research Approach; 5. The Mixed Methods Research Approach; PART II: ETHICS AND CULTURALLY COMPETENT RESEARCH; 6. Research Ethics; 7. Research with Minority and Disadvantaged Groups; PART III: BECOMING AN EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTITIONER; 8. Reviewing the Literature; 9. Finding Existing Evidence; 10. Evaluating Existing Evidence; 11. Evidence-Based Practice; PART IV: MEASUREMENT, SAMPLING, AND RESEARCH DESIGNS; 12. Measurement; 13. Standardized Measuring Instruments; 14. Sampling; 15. Group Designs; 16. Single-Subject Designs; PART V: COLLECTING DATA; 17. Structured Observation; 18. Interviewing; 19. Survey Research; PART VI: ANALYZING DATA; 20. Quantitative Data Analysis; 21. Qualitative Data Analysis; PART VII: EVALUATING RESEARCH STUDIES; 22. Evaluating Quantitative Studies; 23. Evaluating Qualitative Studies; 24. Writing Research Reports; PART VIII: FROM RESEARCH TO EVALUATION; 25. Program Evaluation; Glossary; References; Credits; Index

About the author: 

Richard M. Grinnell, Jr., is Professor, School of Social Work, Western Michigan University; Yvonne A. Unrau, is Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Western Michigan University

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