Renewing Democracy in Young America

ISBN : 9780190641511

Daniel Hart
176 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Dec 2017
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Political participation is paramount in a successful democracy, yet a strong sense of civic identity remains elusive in 21st century America. In Renewing Democracy in Young America, Hart and Youniss explore the idea that democracy depends on incorporating citizenship into long-term psychological identities. Proposing that 16- and 17-year-olds be able to vote in municipal elections and suggesting that schools create science-based, community-oriented environmental engagement programs, Hart and Youniss expound that by starting young and starting local, with direct citizen-participatory experiences, we can successfully create active and committed citizens.


Preface; 1. Young America and Democracy; 2. Parties, Voters, and Interest Groups: The Current State of American Politics; 3. Youth and Opportunity; 4. Education for Citizenship; 5. Civic Life through Environmental Engagement; 6. Lower the Voting Age and Increase Participation; 7. Civic Development in the 21st Century; References; About the Authors; Index

About the author: 

Daniel Hart, EdD, is Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Faculty Director of the Institute for Effective Education at Rutgers University. Hart's research focuses on adolescent development in context. He has studied the development of civic life, including political knowledge, volunteering, social trust, and activism as well as the effects of different kinds of neighborhoods on personality and moral development. Currently, Hart is providing the technical and professional assistance for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Next Generation of Community Leaders initiative, which funds youth-led community development projects in communities throughout New Jersey.; James Youniss, PhD, is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. He has studied children's and youth's normal development for 57 years. His most recent research focuses on political and civic development looking at activities and experiences that cultivate youth's identities as political-civic members of society.

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